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Found 1 result

  1. Coming from CSS, I am used to being able to control what happens at a specific point during an animation with keyframe percentages. This is particularly helpful when the change I want to animate doesn't follow a linear pattern from state A to state B, but rather has some variation in between. So, for example, I can do something like this: @keyframes irregular-animation { 0% { transform: scale(0); opacity: 0; } 75% { transform: scale(1.25); } 100% { transform: scale(1); opacity: 1; } } However, I haven't managed to figure out how to do the same with GSAP. In GSAP, it seems I only have control of the start and end states (like with toFrom), but nothing in between. I know I can use custom ease functions to achieve somewhat of a similar effect to the one in the snippet above (whereby I design the easing curve to overextend a little), but this is far from ideal since I often only want to change a single property in this irregular way, not the entire tween. Notice how, in the snippet above, the opacity follows a linear transformation, and it would not make sense to overextend it (even though, for this example, an opacity of, let's say, 1.5 at 75% wouldn't break the animation). Also, it's hard to manipulate a custom curve such that a property reaches a specific value exactly after 75% of an animation is done (or an even less intuitive percentage, like, say, 27%). Timelines are also not ideal for this (from what I've tried, at least), because I want the entire animation to follow along the same easing curve (which is not the same as reusing the same ease in each tween) and, again, it's tricky to calculate when exactly 75% or some other percentage of the overall animation will be done. But maybe I'm missing something... If you had to recreate the simple animation in the CodePen I linked using GSAP, how would you do it? Is it possible to control the values for properties at a specific point during an animation that resembles what we can accomplish with @keyframes in CSS? Thank you for reading. I appreciate any help.