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Found 3 results

  1. Hi there Been using GSAP for years, love the library and use it almost daily! It's awesomecakes. This is my very first forum post I believe For a project I'm working on I'm using my own quite simple Ken Burns implementation, which works without using timeline. There's probably a much better and more efficient way to code this effect so I'm open to suggestions. I've successfully used this approach in the past (at least in a very similar fashion) and didn't experience the issues I'm having now (see here: https://mikebravo.ch/). The reason it was working then eludes me. Could be because I was doing something different (CSS maybe? unsure) or it could possibly be an issue with the latest version of GSAP – I was using TweenMax 1.19.1 then. I've experienced these issues in two different browsers, latest Firefox and Safari versions, which leads me to believe that they aren't related to a specific browser. Anyway, as for what the issues actually are, I'm having two (or maybe three) different but possibly related problems. You'll probably have to watch the animation in the Codepen for a moment to see the issues appear (usually happens within a few seconds though, max. 30 Seconds) : sometimes, usually within the first few animation cycles, the image being animated is being scaled from 0 up, even though that should never actually occur because the value being scaled from/to should always be higher than 1; the scale values I'm using reflect this fact if printed to console. sometimes the animation simlpy ends or pauses for 1 or more cycle/s. When it does end it just seems to die completely. I'm not sure whether it would resume if I waited long enough, but I don't think it ever would. sometimes the image disappears and same as before, the animation ends/hangs up and usually refuses to continue. I've tried a couple of things: using fromTo() in place of to() adding a timeout before the cycle restarts added killTweensOf($el) applied the animation to the parent Div, but the same issues occur (which excludes the image itself as the culprit, I think) tried using parseTransform: true after reading about that on these boards Any ideas what the issue might be? Am I missing something obvious? Thanks a lot for any help!
  2. I'm a complete newbie to GreenSock. I'm encouraged by what I've seen here (really, really amazing stuff). I'm trying to render in code and images/vectors a version of something I've already done in video. I've deployed this little site and was asked to animate some images behind their logo (using the logo as a mask). The site is located at https://momentovillasdelmar.com. The image of the logo is done as a video -- with the commiserate file size and limitations of video. I'm seeking a solution that uses an SVG to mask the 4 or 5 images that are sliding around and cross-fading behind the mask. Is this something that can be done (I know it has to be)? I would very much appreciate any insight you all might be able to provide. -- Doug
  3. Hi, I am new to GreenSock, I want to create a ken burn effect with background-image, text inside and background-color that cover the background-image. I dont know how to do it. Can somebody help me? Is there a page with GreenSock effects tutorials? Thank you so much!