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Found 3 results

  1. At my site https://www.siegfriedmedia.com I have a GSAP DrawSVG, Stagger animation that loads into the left half column of the Front-page hero section. I had it on Siteground with its SG Optimizer plugin for WordPress and the animation would delay some. Yesterday I removed the SG Optimizer plugin and started using the Nitropack plugin which rocks but it is causing an even greater delay with the loading of the animation. I'm not sure why this is doing this. If you go to the site you might have to wait a few seconds before any of the hero section loads. First of all, is my GSAP code (not the scripts) causing any of this? Secondly, what clues are there or things I could do with the Nitropack caching plugin to fix this? I understand this isn't a support forum for Nitropack but is there anything of caching that you understand on a deeper level than myself that could be the issue, that you might see in the settings of Nitropack?
  2. Can anyone give me any tips to reduce jittery animation when scaling or tweening short distances with Tweenlite? I've tried force3d:true, and z:00000.1 to try to force hardware acceleration, but didnt seem to work. Thanks!
  3. Hi all I'm encountering some jittery animation on chrome while animating the scale of a div using TweenMax (as well as other tween engines). In the codepen, the div with the image is encapsulated inside other divs in order to reproduce the conditions of the project I'm working on. I also put a css animation counterpart that doesn't have that jittery effect. I'm wondering why it is only happening with js tweening engines... I'm only seeing it on chrome (win & mac), it works nice on ff and safari (haven't tried edge yet). Except on ff mac, I get the jittery effect when i'm hovering the div. Do you also have that problem ? Is there a workaround ? I tried the "z" attribute and also put a translate3d on the parent. Thanks. Thomas.