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  1. To further explain, I can make a simple animation with jQuery and it comes out as you would expect. I have, in the past, had good luck with some ambitious timelines with GSAP - but for some reason with simple Timelines and Tweens, I always seem to get jerky movement. Until now, I have been chalking it up to some combination of movement have their nuances and I would just keep changing things until I got it smooth but most of the time, I end up settling for a different effect just because its smooth. But its time I get to the bottom of this, there has to be something I'm missing conceptually. I've read that there is a winning balance between what to handle with CSS and what to handle with GSAP. I basically borrowed this code from a Pen that was smooth and just changed a few elements to apply it to my page and it got all choppy. Not just the blip at the end, it shakes when starting motion etc.. See it on my Pen. (CLICK ON "view full gallery" in Pen) I hope someone can point out in this example and/or in general what I may be missing to get the smoothness. Maybe a different newbie blunder each time. var tgh = new TimelineMax() tgh.from(".player-hider", 1, {height:'80vh', marginTop:'5vh', ease: Back.easeInOut.config(1.4), y: 0 }); tgh.fromTo(".player-container_1", 1, { autoAlpha: 1}, { autoAlpha: 0, ease: Power2.easeInOut}) .reversed(true); tgh.set('.player-container_1',{autoAlpha:1}); function menuFunction() { tgh.reversed() ? tgh.play() : tgh.reverse(); };