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Found 3 results

  1. See the Pen Sortable Grid Using GreenSock Draggable by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen. Demo created by Blake Bowen, featuring GreenSock's Draggable.
  2. Hi there ! Starting to get some fun with GSAP ! I'm trying to create an infinite draggable gallery. For this, i started by creating an Isotope grid. Now i want to add the GSAP Draggable plugin but nothing is moving. Draggable creates an intermediate div in my Isotope grid and i think that's what actually break everything. Any idea to fix this ? Thanks for your help
  3. I'm using TweenMax in conjunction with the jQuery Isotope plugin. Isotope lets you filter by clicking an anchor element. Elements that are filtered out get a class of "isotope-hidden". This class does not exist when the page is rendered, and is added after the fact, when a user clicks a filter. I currently have this code: jQuery( '.isotope' ).not( '.isotope-hidden' ).each( function() { timeline.add( TweenMax.staggerFrom( .... ) ); } ); I'm using TweenMax in conjunction with the Super Scrollorama plugin, so that when users scroll up and down the page, the animations are played out and reversed, respectively. I've discovered that if a user scrolls down the page, filters out some isotopes, scrolls back up, then scrolls back down to the isotope section, all of the isotopes are animated in, including the ones that should be hidden. I've determined that this is because TweenMax is acting as expected: it does not know that I have elements with the class "isotope-hidden", so it doesn't ignore these. It would be ideal if there were a "live" method, as in jQuery, that would act on elements that are modified after the DOM is loaded. I didn't see anything like this in the docs. In short, is there a way to get TweenMax to "recognize" these elements, which are given the class "isotope-hidden" dynamically? Thanks!