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Found 4 results

  1. Hello. I'm facing some issues with the GSAP isActive() function using React. I made an aside navigation/menu panel. When clicking on a button the navigation panel is deployed and its content follows (<ul/>, <li/>, etc.). For animating the navigation panel and its content I'm using a timeline in auseEffecthook like shown below. I want to use isActive() because I would like to prevent the user from spamming the toggle button. If the navigation toggle button is spammed by rapid clicks, the animation behave weirdly and the navigation content isn't displayed properly.
  2. I've create a function which scrolls to the next anchor detecting the scroll direction (See below) const CONTAINER_STRING = '#main-container>main', CONTAINER = document.querySelector( CONTAINER_STRING ) let currentChild = 0 gsap.registerPlugin( ScrollToPlugin ) CONTAINER.addEventListener( 'wheel', ( { deltaY } ) => { if ( currentChild < CONTAINER.childElementCount - 1 && deltaY > 0 ) currentChild++ if ( currentChild > 0 && deltaY < 0 ) --currentChild gsap.to( CONTAINER, .5, { scrollTo: '#' + document.queryS
  3. Hello there, How do i check isActive() across ALL timelines so that i can prevent further animations running until all is NOT active. I have forked pen "check isActive()" to help illustrate my case as seen below but do not know how to proceed. I am: - using an object organise my timelines. - trying to prevent multiple animations occurring simultaneously from user input selection. I have also looked at this gsap post which looks like the user solved a similar issue but was not documented. Many thanks Joostan
  4. Hello fellow GreenSock users! I'm new to GSAP and I'm using the TweenMax.to method to change the "top" css property of several elements whenever a click occurs on a navigation element... Problem is I need for that to not happen if the animation of the previous click is still in progress... I see that in the documentation for GSAP there is the public method "isActive", but I'm using TweenMax... not sure if I should even attempt at using those methods off of the TweenMax object or not - I'm guessing it wouldn't work. SO... is there a way to determine if a TweenMax animation is active o