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Found 12 results

  1. Hi I have a draggable with a iframe, in mobile, i can't move if my first touch is in the iframe. The scrolltop is good, the touch on desktop too, but on mobile nothing. So i can't use Draggable if i have a video(youtube/video) inside, on mobile. If i hijack with dragClickables:true, all my links and the play button in the iframe become unavailable. Anyone have a solution ? Thanks
  2. Going out on a limb here perhaps with this one but I will take any advice I can get. I used Greensock to create an animation and uploaded it as an HTML5 Animation into Captivate Captivate places these animations into the published product as an iframe. When I do a preview - it behaves as expected and pulling data from the iframe works as well. When I publish, however, the animation itself works fine but the data is no longer accessible. The file (the HTML embedded iframe one) becomes "restricted" and is labeled as a cross-origin document.
  3. Hey, When I display an animtion in an iframe, the whole content jumps up 1 px while animating, and then jumps down again when done. I've only observed this behavior in Safari on desktop. (I've tried other people's animations as well with the same result.) Does anybody have any idea why it does this, and how to make it not to? http://skalpell.se/clients/ellermore/test/ Plz halp
  4. I don't have a codepen in this one because it involves multiple files... (I'm trying to use GreenSock to coordinate animations+audio from multiple sources.) I have an Iframe calling an html+js page that was generated using Adobe AnimateCC. <iframe id="animateCC" src="AnimateCC/hw.html" class="fullscreen"></iframe> I'm trying to call a function inside that Iframe. The playback menu from GSDevTools goes as far as the label associated with tl and then stops : var fn = document.getElementById('animateCC').contentWindow.init; tl.call(fn, [], this);
  5. Is there a way to start the html banner animation WHEN the <iframe> gets on screen when developing for AdWords? I am new to banner design/dev but I know my way around with html/js. This is what I have found so far: the ad is served within an <iframe> so I cannot snoop on parent scroll position due to cross origin policy AdWords has a 30 sec animation limit, so if the animation starts on page load, it can be over by the time the user scrolls over it If it was DoubleClick I could use Enabler.isVisible to do what I want So does anybody know how can I do this for AdWords (w
  6. Lately i've experienced a wired issue: i produced a wallpaper with a leaderboard and a sidebar. they both started animation (gsap) at the the same time. but when i scrolled down the page, and the leaderboard left the view, and i scrolled back to top, the leaderboard had pasued its animation and resumed it when coming back to view, having the effect that the sidebar had almost finished its timeline while the leaderboard was still at the beginning. so the whole sync had been crashed. it seems like firefox on mac is pausing rendering on iframes that are not in view. has anyone experienced the
  7. I have a wallpaper made out of two iframes, a leaderbord with 728x90 and a skyscraper 160x600, so called hockeystick. both iframes are synced via sessionstorage, so the animation runs smoothley across both frames. i animate with greensock anim library. When i scoll down the page, the leaderbord scrolls out of view, the skyscraper is sticky and remains in view. the skyscraper keeps animating, but when i scroll back to top, the leaderbord obviously has stopped the animation when it left the view and now proceeds the animation as if the browser has "frozen" the frame as long as it is out of view
  8. Hello all, We're trying to integrate SplitText into our solution, content will come from a JSON endpoint which is entered from a WYSIWYG. When using SplitText, it seems to omit the iframe element. Is there any recommendations around that? Thank you Chris
  9. I've been using the 'scrollTo' plugin to scroll my divs, but now I need to implement that same functionality to affect an iframe. Is this possible?
  10. when i was trying to create a website that uses jquery to link numerous iframes, jQuery('.open_contents').click(function() { jQuery('.board_contents').addClass('slideIn'); }) I found out that iframe cannot communicate with the parent window, and i was able to solve the problem with the following code by adding 'top.document' jQuery('.open_contents').click(function() { jQuery('.board_contents', top.document).addClass('slideIn'); }) but simply addingclass or togglingclass was not good enough for creating the animation that i wanted, so i moved onto Greensock. the question is how do i
  11. this sample download and document form work : http://blog.bassta.bg/2013/05/smooth-page-scrolling-with-tweenmax but but but iframe not work scroll <iframe id="ifrmView" border="0" class="brNon wFull" scrolling="yes"></iframe> And Source : $('#lstExplorer li').live('click', function (e) { var URL=$this.data("path"); var Type=$this.data("type"); $("#ifrmView").attr("src","PanelView.php?URL="+URL+"&Type=" + Type).load(function(){ this.contentWindow.setLoadInit(); //setScrollAnimation($(this.contentWindow)); }); }); in content iframe :
  12. Hi all! I set up a site using TweenMax 1.9.5 for any animation, and everything worked properly. Later, I updated the libraries to 1.9.7 and finally to 1.9.8. With current version, the animations don't work properly; there is a conflict with Addthis dynamically created iframes. Here is a sample code reproducing the problem with a YouTube static iframe: <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <!-- 1.9.6 --> <!-- <script type="text/javascript" src="https://raw.github.com/greensock/GreenSock-JS/f91853a0e9f753c1ae8b6b36172a4d42759296af/src/uncompressed/TweenMax.js">