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Found 11 results

  1. Can anyone give me a clue as to why IE9 is rotating my SVG files differently than all other browsers? TransformOrigin doesnt seem to work the same (I have tried, %, pixels, and top), and it is going in different directions. The CodePen link should show the 3 lettter "A"s pointing to the left. But in IE9, they get squished and point down after a TweenMax.set call. Any thoughts? Thanks very much. Also posted here in case CodePen doesnt allow IE9 viewing: http://brendyn.com/test2/
  2. There are some banner ads I have created where the video does not scale properly on IE9+. There is a large black-space creep and the scale is not accurate. This is the scaling code. I don't quite know what other information I need to offer. Help please? child.set(video, {y:0, transformOrigin:"center center", scale: 1.4}) .to(video, 7, {y:0, x:-3, transformOrigin:"center center", scale: 1})
  3. Hey guys, I'm creating some banners for a client but running into issues with compatibility. The banner functions as planned in FF and Chrome, however in IE the Canon logo just site in the middle of the frame, with no animation. I've looked online and found some people complaining about IE issues with CSS animations, however it's usually transforms they can't get to work. All I'm using is fades, minus one button adjusting the y axis. Can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong? I'm not that well versed in GSAP. CodePen: http://codepen.io/anon/pen/OypmrM Thanks in advance!!
  4. Hi, people) Had anybody problems with animation in 'super' browser IE8, 9, 10 and so on? My animation didn't work in IE9(. It's handled through jQuery... in all other browsers everything is ok. Could you help me with advice! thanks a lot! $(document).ready(function(){ TweenMax.from(".logo", 0.8, { x: 500, y: 500, rotation: 2580, opacity: 0, scale: 0.2, }); });
  5. I was bidding on a project today and requested to use GSAP as my Javascript animation engine (they had originally said CSS transitions). The one question they had was 'how far back' GSAP goes — that is, will it work in IE9, IE8, and other older browsers? I had never thought of this and didn't know the answer. Also they wanted to know if GSAP 'degraded gracefully'. If GSAP doesn't work on all older browsers, how do I handle that? I know Modernizr can be used (or could be used) to provide fallbacks, but I don't know that it has a test for Greensock. What would I test for? Are there polyfills? Thanks for any info!
  6. Hi there, Just a quick question. I'm using the Tweenlite library as a fallback for CSS transitions in IE9, and I've run into a problem. This works just fine, on browsers supporting the transform CSS property: TweenLite.to(testDiv, 2, {"transform": "matrix(1, 0, 0, 1, 200, 200)"}); But the transform property is hidden behind the ms prefix in IE9, and this does not work: TweenLite.to(testDiv, 2, {"-ms-transform": "matrix(1, 0, 0, 1, 200, 200)"}); Is this a bug, or is it intentional? Best, Thomas
  7. Is transformOrigin supported in IE9? If not, is there a work around? Strangely enough I don't have an issue with this in IE 8. Box 2 is supposed to rotate from the top but doesn't seem to do this in IE9. Thanks in advance. Any suggestion is much appreciated.
  8. I am trying to rotate an element(button) counter-clockwise 90deg using TweenLite. It is working fine in chrome and firefox but misbehaving in IE9. Expected behavior is that it only rotate but in IE9 along with rotation it is changing is position also. This behavior is consistent in IE9 and is produced only in special case, with simple rotation test in IE9 the behavior is as expected. Here is a video for reference (notice the button labeled button 17): http://screencast.com/t/waaEX1NxWcTd The HTML of button looks something like: <div data-id="animWrapper_spin9ivgo7os" style="height: 11.2%; width: 8.65979381443299%; position: absolute; top: 17.6%; left: 67.5257731958763%; z-index: 8; -webkit-perspective: 400; -webkit-backface-visibility: visible; -webkit-transform-style: preserve-3d; display: block;"> <button checked="checked" tagname="BUTTON" src="" srcsize="0" srcduration="" srcformat="" domstyle="[object Object]" name="button 17" class="button adelem" data-id="9ivg" adtype="button" style="width: 100%; height: 100%; left: 0px; top: 0px; z-index: 8; -webkit-perspective: 400; -webkit-backface-visibility: hidden; -webkit-transform-style: preserve-3d;">button 17</button> </div> The rotation is applied to the div wrapping the button [data-id=animWrapper_spin9ivgo7os], which is inside another iframe. I am unable to reproduce the error in simple page. Please help me if someone know what could have been the reason.
  9. I've looked around this website and the internet at large for a little help, but I'm not sure I'm even searching for the correct thing. The problem I'm having is that the scale attribute, as it's applied inside a TweenMax.to( ), seems to stutter to the point of essentially skipping the animation to the final frame in IE9. Unfortunately the deployment environment I'm working with is Windows 7 with IE9 strictly, so my options are limited. I believe GSAP works fine in IE9 -- all of the animations work pretty much as expected on this website's showcase animations. Here's how I have my setup: 1. The page is framed by the Twitter Bootstrap Framework 2. Other scripts exist alongside GSAP: jQuery most notably. 3. The calls to TweenMax.to( ) are being made sequentially with a timed delay rather than being a part of a timeline. Most of the animations do not run over one another. Things I've tried: 1. Changing the scale value to "msTransform":"scale(1.4,1.4)" seems to have no effect -- no effect at all that is, scale no longer happens at all. I assume the value scale:1.4 makes the call to the proprietary values anyway. 2. Removing and manipulating animations around this one to isolate it as the singular animation. This exact effect was also happening with a translation when using x and y but was corrected by using left and top. Not sure if that helps determine what I might be doing wrong. I have a feeling it's not directly GSAP related but thought I might find some insight here over what could be causing the problem.
  10. I am currently working on a project that makes use of the TimelineLIte to sequence some animations together. While testing, I discovered that only in IE9 (havent tested in 10) that the timelines do not complete their transitions for 3 elements. If you haver over the elements, then you see them finish. Visit the URL below (please respect the fact that this is a dev link) and click on any number from 1-8 (on the bottom of the page).... in IE9, the Winner banner the percentage cells do not fully reach full opacity. I could really use some assistance working through this problem. Thank you in advance. Reference URL: http://capone-dev.toolofnadrive.com/#/matchups
  11. Hi. I made my own modal box with JS. The animation uses TimelineMax. It looks fine on other browsers, like IE8, but has a slight litttle jump to the lower right at the end of the ease animation. Here's the code: tlModalTransIn = new TimelineMax(); tlModalTransIn.paused(true); tlModalTransIn.set([modalBox, modalRect], {alpha:0, autoAlpha:1}) tlModalTransIn.set([modalCloseButton], {alpha:1, autoAlpha:1}) .fromTo(modalBox, .3, {alpha:0}, {alpha:1}, "start") .fromTo(modalRect, 1, {scale:".6"}, {scale:"1", alpha:1, ease:Elastic.easeOut, easeParams:[1.8, 0.8]}) .fromTo(modalProduct, .5, {alpha:0}, {alpha:1}) .fromTo(modalTitle, .5, {alpha:0}, {alpha:1}, "-=.3"); I'm scratching my head on this one...