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Found 3 results

  1. There are some banner ads I have created where the video does not scale properly on IE9+. There is a large black-space creep and the scale is not accurate. This is the scaling code. I don't quite know what other information I need to offer. Help please? child.set(video, {y:0, transformOrigin:"center center", scale: 1.4}) .to(video, 7, {y:0, x:-3, transformOrigin:"center center", scale: 1})
  2. Hi, I’ve spent the last day building a working rubix cube demo using TweenMax to position and animate the objects accordingly. Draggable is being used to rotate the cube X/Y and throwProps is used too. Firefox is displaying some very odd, back-face type display issues that I can't seem to resolve, can anybody suggest a work-around or fix to correct this problem? IE10 is simply flattening the whole object onto a 2D plane and not allowing any z-depth. The demo will auto rotate 20 times before allowing user interaction by "swiping" a side to rotate it, or dragging the background to rotate in the cube in 3D space. Any help would be gratefully appreciated. View the demo here: http://www.rogueinteractive.net/rogueiOS/rubix.html Pete
  3. Hi guys, everything is going great with the plugin, really really fantastic stuff! I do have one question, as IE is just a bugger.. What I have, is an external script loading from my server, that contains the JS for my GSAP animation. That works fine, and looks great. What I have no idea about, is how to make it so if the browser that the site is viewed in is Internet Explorer 10, how can I stop my animation script from loading, or is there some JS I can put within my rotation animation script to stop it from running if the browser is IE10? Hopefully you guys can help as I've been stumped on this one for a while now. you all rock! Thank you!