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Found 10 results

  1. Hello, Here are some requirements for the page I need to build: - Must scroll horizontally, so using mouse wheel and arrows would scroll the page horizontally. - Content sections would have different widths based on the content in each section (so not 100vw as I have seen from the ScrollTrigger examples, also have noticed that the width of the container is set to the total width of the content sections. So 6 sections would equate to 600% width set via the css). - Each section will have different parallax/animations upon entering the viewport. - There will be a navigation with scroll to anchor links. - This will be desktop only use case, so I do not have to consider mobile views. I have looked into ScrollTrigger and ScrollMagic and as noted above have seen that the widths of the content are 100vw. So is there a way to have differing content widths if I go this route? I also came across this repo: https://github.com/oberonamsterdam/horizontal So with this background being defined, my question to anyone with any experience building a page/site with horizontal scroll is what method has worked well for you? I am planning on using Gatsby.js and gsap regardless but am more so asking if ScrollTrigger horizontal is viable solution or is there something else better to us for this part? Thank you in advance for your feedback, Frank.
  2. Hello, so I created a new topic regarding my problem. Basically I have a structure similar to demo in codepen: https://codepen.io/luk-z-horec/pen/RwrYmvR What I need is to animate elements inside every section when they appear in the viewport. Now they animate all in the same time. Next question: it is possible in onEnter callback also have an element which trigger onEnter callback? Thank you for your help.
  3. There is a problem with gsap ScrollTrigger issues when try to achive horizontal scroll effect on those section and then end of ehis section going to next section. But the problem is when i added pin:true the specific section it's scroll but not pinned on that moment also the next section is moving up before finish the horizontal scroll finished. what i want to achieve https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SpJS5NxL0yK2hs1Ou7G3LSQ3gkvdhcWL/view And What i am facing problem with scrollTrigger when pin:true https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rHEMFfC8JB6GGOEH6MAa8t2jsvdBSXi4/view Here Is my code for Horizontal Scroll with ScrollTrigger let container: any = document.documentElement.querySelector( '.brand-showcase' ); let tl = gsap .timeline({ scrollTrigger: { pin: true, scrub: 1, trigger: container, end: container.scrollWidth - document.documentElement.clientWidth, }, defaults: { ease: 'none', duration: 1 }, }) .to( '.panel-section', { x: -(container.scrollWidth - document.documentElement.clientWidth), }, 0 ) .to( '.panel-item', { opacity: 1, scale: 1, duration: 0.6, stagger: { amount: 0.8, }, }, 0 ); Here Is The HTML Structure for every scroll-item <div class = 'brand-showcase'> <div class="brand-strategy-showcase-container"> <div class="panel-section"> <div class="panel-item"> <div class="showcase-content"> <div class="bss-title">Brand Research & Strategy 1</div> <div class="bss-content"> Spending quality time with our clients in order to uncover what your brand really stands for is by far the most important step. After taking an objective look at your industry and key audiences, we will articulate your purpose, proposition, and personality. From there, we will be able to create experiences that will connect your brand with your customers. </div> <ul class="bss-list"> <li>Market & Landscape Research</li> <li>Market & Landscape Research</li> <li>Market & Landscape Research</li> <li>Market & Landscape Research</li> </ul> <a href="#" class="btn co-btn"> view Project <div class="icon"> <img src="@/assets/img/next_icon.svg" alt="next" /> </div> </a> </div> <div class="showcase-sticky-img"> <img class="item-img" src="@/assets/img/brand-showcase-sticky-img.jpg" alt="Brand Image" /> </div> </div> </div> </div> </div> Hope you understand my issues. Looking for the help from the team gsap or any other coder with gsap master. Thanks in advance
  4. I was wondering if I can horizontally scroll through an image gallery with css grid using scrolltrigger? I would like to scroll using my own custom scrollbar, and or be able to scroll horizontally using the mousewheel through the gallery! Also, if possible have it loop where it goes back when I scroll past the last images back to the first images of the grid that would be a plus! Most importantly let there be no visible default scrollbar shown! I see so many tutorials focusing on flexbox and or 1 page sliders where each child element of the parent div is on another slide, but that won't work as I have my gallery in a 3 x 3 layout instead of a 1 x 9 layout. Also, I have seen tutorials with gsap + scrollmagic but I would rather not use scrollmagic if I don't need to with scrolltrigger. Would love and appreciate the help! I am still pretty new to javascript & GSAP in general, but I have looked through so many tutorials, downloaded plugins, etc. and nothing has really worked for me to the point where I feel like I can move on, especially when I know most of what I am looking for is on websites like this http://www.jeanhelfenstein.com/
  5. Hi guys, I'm doing my very first steps on GSAP, and it is actually pretty impressive ! But I have a little problematic piece of work. I'm building a website where there's an horizontal scroll. Basically that are divs next to each others and I translate them on scroll. I want to animate on scroll some of element in those divs. But it seems scrollTrigger and horizontal scroll ain't friends at all. More exactly, the animation is triggered when the page is loaded, not when the element enters the viewport. So I decided to reproduce that in a very simple way ( that's the codepen ). You will see that it won't work when it is horizontal, but once you put it vertical ( by commenting out the 10th line of the CSS) the animation will trigger as expected. Am I missing something ? (I surely must be) Also I searched a bit about that but I did not find any similar topic, Thanks in advanced guys !
  6. Hi! I'm struggling with horizontal scroll implementation. The main goal is to change default vertical scrolling to horizontal and based on actual position, background opacity which is fixed and on center of my screen. In image below I tried to visualize it Based on codepen, I've created my implementation with gsap + scroll magic. Unfortunately I couldn't achieve smooth scrolling with it, so result isn't satisfied me. Here is a example of how smooth scrolling could looks like. https://codepen.io/Faelivrinx/pen/MWaOaVv I was trying use that code with scroll magic and implementation of horizontal scroll below, but there was a lot of weird artifacts via scrolling. I'd like to give up with scroll magic and use only gsap, but I could't figure out how to properly implement it. I need to track scrolling, where background image (fixed position) have to change opacity depends on visible section. There is any option using gsap to achive it? I'd be grateful for some examples
  7. I already tried different CSS approaches to create a horizontal website (FlexBox based, Grid CSS based, "transform: rotate" based) and every one of them looking like an odd hack and not like the proper way to do it. I've spent too many weeks to build my website with each of this approaches, but every iteration I drowned in tons of technical problems because of that chosen way of implementing (like inability to use "position: fixed" and "position: sticky" on child elements, when his parent has been rotated). My colleagues give me only one direction to find a better solution - "use JavaScript libraries like GSAP". I never use it before, so my question to this community - Can I use GSAP to create a horizontal scrolling website? If you have the examples of code or can give me some basic information about implementing a horizontal website with GSAP - I will be very grateful, because it's my pain for a whole last month.
  8. I'm working on horizontal website and finally I've found some solution for smooth scrolling. I resigned for ScrollMagic, cause there was a lot of problems with simple smooth effects but now I don't know how to trigger my animation. I'd like to fade-in my section which entering and on leaving fade-out it. It should work for each section. Have you any suggestions or examples?
  9. Hi, I'm trying to make a angular component with only horizontal scrolling on mouse activity. I've been trying this so long. But cannot do it. Any suggestions?
  10. I need to do a small "news ticker" type animation - it would just consist of text scrolling along a single line. I spent a considerable amont of time looking around for somethig like this, and all of the references I found were either old Flash-based things, or jQuery code that is many years old. Is there a simple way to use Tweenmax to create a horizontal text scroller? Ideally, I'd like it to just use a bunch of <li> elements as sequential text scrolls. TIA!