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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, I am working on a project using the DrawSVGPlugin, and using native JS that's compiled with gulp and webpack. I'm importing gsap and the plugin as such : import gsap, { TimelineLite} from 'gsap'; import * as drawSVG from '../gsap-extras/DrawSVGPlugin.js'; and the registering the plugin in the constructor of my component's class using : gsap.registerPlugin(drawSVG); Then, I simply want to test the plugin doing something like : new TimelineLite().set([this.anchorCircles, this.anchorFillCircles], { drawSVG: 0 }); This is actually working as long my gulp server is watching the changes and displaying the development JS, but after running a build, I'm able to log the drawSVG imported, but the TimeLine().set wont have any effect on my elements. I can't provide my gulp config if this is needed, but may be there's something simpler that I am missing here.. Thank you EDIT: // Finally found that the way the webpack was configured prevented the minified plugin to work. I had to change the webpack babili plugin to webpack minify plugin !
  2. I'm working on a site that uses Greensock's TweenMax. When I compile using GULP, ESLint returns: 17:4 error "TweenMax" is not defined no-undef 37:6 error "TweenMax" is not defined no-undef 47:8 error "TweenMax" is not defined no-undef 54:4 error "TweenMax" is not defined no-undef 60:4 error "TweenMax" is not defined no-undef 85:8 error "TweenMax" is not defined no-undef My bower.json file looks like this: { "name": "testerr", "private": true, "dependencies": { "bootstrap-sass": "~3.3.5", "modernizr": "~2.8.1", "flickity": "~1.1.1", "gsap": "~1.18.0" }, "overrides": { "bootstrap-sass": { "main": [ "assets/stylesheets/_bootstrap.scss", "assets/fonts/bootstrap/*", "assets/javascripts/bootstrap.js", ] } }, "devDependencies": { "chai": "~3.4.2", "mocha": "~2.3.4" } } And my package.json looks like: { "private": true, "engines": { "node": ">=0.12.0" }, "devDependencies": { "babel-core": "^5.5.6", "browser-sync": "^2.2.1", "del": "^1.1.1", "gulp": "^3.9.0", "gulp-autoprefixer": "^2.3.1", "gulp-cache": "^0.2.8", "gulp-eslint": "^0.13.2", "gulp-if": "^1.2.5", "gulp-imagemin": "^2.2.1", "gulp-load-plugins": "^0.10.0", "gulp-minify-css": "^1.1.1", "gulp-minify-html": "^1.0.0", "gulp-plumber": "^1.0.1", "gulp-sass": "^2.0.0", "gulp-size": "^1.2.1", "gulp-sourcemaps": "^1.5.0", "gulp-uglify": "^1.1.0", "gulp-useref": "^1.1.1", "main-bower-files": "^2.5.0", "opn": "^1.0.1", "wiredep": "^2.2.2", "flickity": "^1.1.2", "gsap": "^1.18.0" }, "eslintConfig": { "env": { "node": true, "browser": true, "jquery": true }, "rules": { "quotes": [ 2, "single" ] } } } I can't seem to troubleshoot this issue any further beyond realizing that ESLint isn't recognizing TweenMax... even though it's been correctly linked in the HTML files and installed with bower: main.html <!-- build:js(.) scripts/vendor.js --> <!-- bower:js --> <script src="/bower_components/gsap/src/minified/jquery.gsap.min.js"></script> <script src="/bower_components/gsap/src/minified/TweenMax.min.js"></script> <!-- endbower --> <!-- endbuild --> Appreciate any assistance!