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Found 8 results

  1. I am of the considered opinion that GSDevTools is one of the best things since sliced corn-bread! However ... I occasionally (and increasingly) miss the ability to manually step forwards and backwards in the timeline. I recognise that GSAP is not frame based, but in this context of stepping - I would love for it to behave as if it was. i.e. Hit the step-forward button (key) and the timeline advances +1/24 of a second. I figure there could be a default notion of 24fps, but that could be overridden with an optional named parameter during tool creation. And maybe even an option to
  2. GreenSock


    Your animation workflow is about to get a major boost. GSDevTools gives you a visual UI for interacting with and debugging GSAP animations, complete with advanced playback controls, keyboard shortcuts, global synchronization and more. Jump to specific scenes, set in/out points, play in slow motion to reveal intricate details, and even switch to a "minimal" mode on small screens. GSDevTools makes building and reviewing GSAP animations simply delightful. Get Started Load the JavaScript file //be sure to use a path that works in your dev environment <script src="./js/GSDevTo
  3. (* I've purchased Greensock Shockingly Greem membership $99.00/yr.) Full explanation of issue is in the pen file. Have tried literally EVERYTHING it seems to get this thing to work? Two hrs into at this point. (Is there a specific "fully contained code and path examples,) file that would get this working so that one could download it and save a lot of angst? Thanks for your help!
  4. Hey folks, I'm trying to setup GSDevTools on a Vuejs using Npm and Webpack. All the plugins are in the folder: /node_modules/gsap I'm using Vuejs and my component looks like: <template lang="html"> <div> <div id="animate" @click="animateIt"> content </div> </div> </template> <script> import {TimelineMax, CSSPlugin, Sine, GSDevTools} from 'gsap' export default { name: 'ComponentName', data: () => ({ var_1: 'dummy' }), methods: { animateIt: function() {
  5. Guys, Although I've worked with GS before, GSDevTools is new to me. I'm loving it but finding I get varying results in the playback. I have some code which I'll list below and it includes a draw function then a splitText function then a fade function which are on a masterTL. I hit play and all's well but if I hit play to watch the animation again the fade gets quicker and seems to move up the timescale and if I hit play again it gets quicker still and then disappears. I've tried including TL functions to reset vars but it doesn't make any difference. Obvious
  6. First of all: Loving the GSDevTools! But I am facing a problem. It seems to only work properly when I call GSDevTools.create() when all timelines are set up already. I have to modify the timelines/values at runtime (after GSDevTools.create() was called). I was digging through the source code without any luck. I stumbled upon the two functions updateList() and update(). Both sounded promising at first, but didn't do the job. // Timeline One var tl1 = new TimelineLite({id: 'one'}) tl1.to(".orange", 1, {x:700}) .to(".green", 2, {x:700, ease:Bounce.easeOut}) // Tim
  7. Hi GSAP folks, Please help to sort out the following. Imagine I have index.html with 2 iframes with timeline in each one. What I'd want to is getting and controlling each iframe timeline with GSDevTools from opened index.html where these iframes are placed. The question is how to make GSDevTools to see timelines from iframes? Here I've used codepen iframes but of course in fact there should be local html files. Maybe it's more JS specific question. Thanks in advance. Cheers Vitaliy
  8. Hi, I just plugged GSDevTools to my js file, but GSdevtools not picking up my timeline IDs, and also it default to Global Timeline and continue to play till 90.00sec. why is that? function gotoNext($out, $in) { var tl = new TimelineMax({ id: "sliderOut" }), $slide_left = $out.find(".slider-left"), $slide_svg_path = $out.find(".svg-bg > .svg-bg-left"), $slide_name = $out.find(".slider-project-name"), $slide_desc = $out.find(".slider-description"), $slide_tech = $out.find(".slider-tech > ul li"), $slide_right = $out.find(".slider-right"),