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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, I have a problem where when I hover out it repeats the animation the numbers of times it has played over the time the mouse has been on it. If I hover out before it finishes his first animation iteration, then it will go back to normal without a problem. However, if I hover it for more than 2 seconds for it complete at least 2 iterations counts, then the reverse will also repeat it 2 times before it goes back to its initial position. Basically, I want it to float continuously when I hover it, and I want it to go back down once I hover out of it. Is there a way for it to just smoothly go back to its initial position? Thank you in advance.
  2. Hi, I have a timeline animation: var animation = new TimelineMax({repeat:2}); animation.to(hanging, 2, {y:"+200px", ease:Bounce.easeOut}) animation.to(mischief, 2, {x: "-=230"}) animation.to(mischief, 3, {x: "900"}) animation.to(rachel, 1, {y: "0"}) animation.to(rachel, 3, {y: "-=120px"}) animation.to(rachel, 5, {y: "+=70px"}) animation.to(rachel, 6, {x: "+=50"}) animation.to(rachel, 6, {y: "-=90px"}) animation.to(rachel, 6, {y: "+=180px"}) animation.to(rachel, 6, {x: "-=430", y: "0px"}) I need to create an animation that goes up and down, bouncing, but require the bounce to continue as it goes across the screen. Any help greatly appreciated Greig