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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, I have a problem and don't understand what to do. I created Html5 dynamic banner from Google web designer template and uploaded to Google Ads. So the problem is that in Firefox click url is not working. Other browsers works fine. In Firefox console when I click ad they show me this. Maybe someone know how to solve this problem? Also I changed transform-style: preserve-3d; to "flat", but don't solved problem.
  2. With the demise of Adobe Edge, it looks like I am going to focus on using Google Web Designer as a central GUI animation tool. Having coded using GS in Flash for some time, I am glad that GSAP is easy to bring into GWD, especially since it is hosted on their CDN. I personally preferred Edge but never used GS in it, as I was able to make what I needed most of the time without it. My question is about how I could trigger GS functions/effects using events on GWD timeline. I've tried creating events and calling functions that have TweenLite calls in them, I've tried calling TweenLite directly in the event function and neither one works. If anyone has some guidance on this, it would be very welcome. Here's an example of the code generated for a timeline event that is currently not firing the tween at 2.1 seconds <script type="text/javascript" gwd-events="handlers"> window.gwd = window.gwd || {}; gwd.scaleCTA = function(event) { TweenMax.to(redCTA, 0.5, { scale: 1, ease: Back.easeOut.config(4) }); }; </script> I've tried also replacing this with the function call that currently works on rollover to bump the CTA up. Files are attached. Greensock GWD SVG Test.zip
  3. Hey folks, Curious if anyone has any real-world examples of what they have built using Google Web Designer that they can share. We want to help the GWD team as they continue to support GSAP as an option in their IDE via File > include JS library feature. Providing them with some real world examples would be a great help. If you can't share your work publicly, send me a PM. Thanks
  4. Hi! i'm pretty new to all this. I started using Google Web Designer to build my web banners. GWD easing feature is pretty limited. Is there a way to add the features of Customease into the GWD environment? I'm trying to create a bounce effect. Thanks
  5. Hello, I'm new here and I'm sorry if I will make topic on wrong forum. I saw this really cool banner of World Of Tanks somewhere in the internet (and also i found it on the greensock forums) and I have question. Banner: http://cdn2.worldoftanks.com/d_parhimovich/fbatwork/banners/wot/sniper_sight/ At the end of the banner, these is [ BATTLE ] button that increases in scale when I touch it and decreases when i move cursor out of it. I tried searching for tutorials how to make this in Google Web Designer, but didn't find any. Can anyone help please? Thanks
  6. Hi all I'm fairly new here but really loving my initial forays into GSAP. Gotta say I love it I am new to HTML5 banner creation as well, though I've been coding for a while now. Anyway, anyone here using GWD to start off their ads for Double Click campaigns and then using GSAP? I'm a hand coder so I tend to get more confused using tools like these but since watching a few of the DC hangouts where Google talks about HTML5 and GWD etc.., it seems to be a recommended workflow when having to add in the required code snippets for DC. This 'could' save some time .. BUT I've tried GWD and even a couple YT trainings on a basic banner ad with a tap area and I find the tool buggy and slow. Are there any banner creators here that use GSAP only and then add in the DC code OR are there hybrid users here too? If you are using GWD and come from a hand coding background, what do you use it for, if at all? I am asking because I don't want to waste more time learning a tool that I don't actually need. I also do not yet completely understand the requirements for a DoubleClick ad .. hence my inquiring mind. Thanks ahead of time. Love this forum! Coco
  7. Hello All I'm making an html Ad with Google Web Designer using GSAP. When I run my Preview within Google Web Designer everything loads fine. Im using the window.onload = function() to start the tweens. But when I publish and create the files ready for placing in the Ad Networks it just displays in the last instant without any animation. As if there is somewhere an init or polite-load waiting for the file to load en then jumps to the last frame. I'm not an expert on JavaScript. I wonder where to activate the tweens within Google Webdesigner Code? Demo and full code; http://demo.hanspeeters.net/gsap/ Would be great if anyone could help, for im lost how to mix the use of GSAP en Google Web Designer. Thank you all for your help in advance
  8. Hi, I'm making an html page with GWD with an animated header using GSAP. When I run my Preview on GWD everything loads fine. But when I upload to the server, the animation jumps to the final frame or sometimes executes part of the animation. When uploading to the server tried both Inline and not Inline the local files (.js, .css) on the html. And loading the GSAP from the cloud <script src="http://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/gsap/1.16.0/TweenMax.min.js"></script> I'm a flash developer, not an expert on HMTL. Would like to learn GWD for banners ads and eventually for my own html files, trying some tools of the GS club but I'm not sure how compatible is GSAP with GWD. *I loved to use GSAP in my Flash banners. Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated. Thank you! Lujan