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Found 3 results

  1. Hi I have gone through a lot of posts and found that tweento(getlabelafter()) will take me to the next label. But the issue is that it doesn't allow me to skip any tween and jump to the next label. Can you please have a look at the codepen n suggest a way to skip a tween so i do not have to wait for the tween to be over before going on to the next label
  2. Hi, I have a bit of a unique issue that I'm having trouble solving. The site I am working on is kind of like a big page, where the user mouses around and it explores the page. I got that working (the codepen example is severely simplified). There is also a second functionality - a traditional navigation menu that when the user uses it, they tween directly to the section of the site. I have this working as hoped as well, and the user can mix up using the menu and mousing around. It comes apart in the following situation. If the user chooses to navigate with the menu and then choose a menu item, and they activate their mouse while it's still tweening, it gets very confused and jumps around. I came up with what I thought was a clever idea (turns out it doesn't work ), which was have the tweens be of #sliding .row and on opening the menu, remove that outer div. Even though it does remove the div, the timeline still moves to the next label on the mouse events. Hhhm. I'm wondering if there's any way to disable a timeline temporarily. I tried.killTweensOf, but that doesn't really work, because what I want to do is temporarily disable the timeline so it doesn't respond to the mouse event. Thank you!
  3. 14four

    getLabelAfter + 1

    Hi, I have a scrolling site featuring 14 different animations with a "navigation dots" in between. I'd like to go to getLabelAfter + 1 when scrolling down (so it plays through the animation and then stops), but then getLabelBefore + 1 (or -1?) when scrolling up so it doesn't run through the "navigation dots", but stops just above the animation. Is this possible? (Hopefully this makes sense.) __________________________________________ [ go to this label when scrolling up from below ] ANIMATION __________________________________________ • • • • • __________________________________________ [ go to this label when scrolling up from below ] ANIMATION [ go to this label when scrolling down from above ] __________________________________________ • • • • • __________________________________________ [ go to this label when scrolling up from below ] ANIMATION [ go to this label when scrolling down from above ] __________________________________________ • • • • •