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Found 6 results

  1. Hey everyone! I'm currently developing a filter system with GSAP Flip using layers as a transition. I have a problem with the appearance delay, my onEnter appear before the onLeave. https://codepen.io/damienmontastier/pen/vYVWoge Using an official GSAP codepen, I have reproduced the effect I would like: https://codepen.io/damienmontastier/pen/OJBOKOo I think I made a lot of mistakes and lot of stuff impossible, do you have any suggestions? For information, my final version (not the both codepen) is under Nuxt.js and I use nextTick to use the changes related to FLIP. Thanks in advance !
  2. Juc1

    SVG filter value

    Hi all In my pen I have an SVG filter with a value of 90 - can this value be targeted / animated? Thanks...
  3. Hiya, Working on something snazzy with GSAP and CSS Filters, specifically blur. I've noticed that when animating with GSAP, clipping occurs on any object with a CSS filter. Is this expected behaviour? http://codepen.io/thejamespower/pen/akybXr
  4. Hello invaluable mods and heroes! In any little project or exploration I do, I try to learn something about performance. Sometimes I need to scrap an interesting technique simply because I can't use it with an ok frame rate. Such as this one: http://codepen.io/stromqvist/pen/grNJwR Here's another one with an ok frame rate: http://codepen.io/stromqvist/pen/bpPyNY In this case specifically – It made me thinking... Somewhere in between those two explorations, my computer starts to breathe heavily. There's probably some very demanding computations going on. Obviously, that's something that I wish to avoid. I'm not too strong on the javascript side, but something tells me there ought to be a way to do this computation once and then just repeat it, since the animation loops identically every time. Is something like this doable? In general – I don't know much about the heavy load on the CPU (and possibly GPU) that different GSAP animations can invoke. Don't know much about memory leaks, caching and similar computer science stuff, but I do come across it in some articles I read, and as a Js novice, I figure I'm making all the typical mistakes in the book. I'd love any thoughts and advice relating to GSAP and performance! Any reading tips and most of all any codepen examples on how to apply GSAP in smart ways! I understand that my question is broad. I would narrow it down if I knew how. Please share any thought that comes to mind. I just wanna move a little bit forward from here. Thanks for reading and taking your time! Peace, love & GSAP!
  5. Hello, I'm playing around the new awesome css3 additions to the TweenMax/Lite library and I was wondering if it supports filters like blur, brightness, saturation etc... I have tried to declare them but there seems to be no effect happening. In css we would declare them like this: filter: blur(5px); // Browser Specific -webkit-filter: blur(5px); -moz-filter: blur(5px); -o-filter: blur(5px); -ms-filter: blur(5px); So I tried this: TweenMax.to(myObj,0.5,{CSS:{blur:'5px'}}); Is it something that will get implemented along the way or am I missing something in the declaration? Thanks and keep up the good work!
  6. First of all it's great to see this tweenplatform adapted to JS, as many clients don't wan't any flash anymore :-/ I'm working on a site where the client asked for a shadow behind the texts, text-shadow isn't yet supported in GS12 I hope to see it in the future, particularly that the code is completely different in IE where I need to use an filter (shadow or glow). When animating a div with this shadow filter I got a black background during the animation in IE 7-9: http://sharpness.be/demo/201207_kodak/ It works fine in every other browser, does someone has a solution for this display glitch?