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Found 8 results

  1. I'm really disappointed about this news; in the past they had always been very accepting of external libraries. Even though they even host some of the main libraries including GSAP on their own CDN, it seems that they will now start counting them against the file size of banner ads. (I discovered this today when I uploaded an ad and it gave me a new warning message about the file size, even though without the libraries the zip was well under 200k). Hopefully the IAB reevaluates their stance on this, since Sizmek is just following their guidelines... Details below: https://support.sizmek.com/hc/en-us/articles/206239683 Last Update: Wednesday at 01:47 The new methodology for calculating the HTML5 ad size follows the preliminary guidance of the IAB. The size of an HTML5 ad is the total size of all assets in the ad’s Workspace, at the compressed size. This includes images, the largest video, fonts, javascript files, html files and any other files. We do not count additional assets for dynamic creative or videos. Compression is automatically applied which reduces the size of each asset type to the compressed size. Note: Only one video is counted. The platform counts only the largest video in the Workspace. So if there are five videos in the Workspace, Sizmek counts only the largest video. One exception to this rule: If there’s an asset in the ad’s Additional Assets folder, (outside the Workspace), that is larger than the largest video in the Workspace, that asset is counted instead of the largest video. The new method takes effect on February 1, 2016 and applies as follows. Ads created before February 1, 2016 will be counted at the current methodology, even if they are not attached to a campaign. Ads created prior to February 1, 2016 and are copied to a new campaign after this date, will be counted according to the former calculation method.
  2. Can anyone let me know the file size of each plugin of the Club Greensock files? Most importantly, the new MorphSVGPlugIn released today (Dec 22)? I am considering buying, but I need to know if they are small enough to use in my banners.
  3. So, can I deliver banner files gzipped? I have an ad that we converted with Swiffy; it looks amazing, and right there, in the Swiffy output window, it shows the file size of the banner as 88k -- but it's the gzipped file size. The raw file size of the html when I download it, is 346k. I'm pretty sure I can use gzipped files in Doubleclick, but what about other media people/publishers? Anyone have experience with this?
  4. I just got my feet wet with Tweenlite, and created a simple 300x250 display banner. It has a single image and a few lines of type that tween in and out. I was done and saw my file size was about 27kb. A typical banner that size I can get to about 12-15kb, but without the buttery motion GSAP has... I ran an output report and pasted it below... It looks like the 16,000 AS bytes took up a big chunk of the swf. Since Im just doing basic banners, should I stick to Flash's native tweening instead? I also pasted my Tweenlite code below the report, if there's something Im doing that could be bloating the file. I get the possibilities of GSAP being powerful, but I am not at the level currently to use it as a go between between native/timeline tweens and GSAP code. Any thoughts? 300x250 test.swf Movie Report ------------------------------ Metadata -------- Bytes Value ---------- ----- 939 <rdf:RDF xmlns:rdf="http://www.w3.org/1999/02/22-rdf-syntax-ns#"><rdf:Description rdf:about="" xmlns:xmp="http://ns.adobe.com/xap/1.0/"> <xmp:CreatorTool>Adobe Flash Professional CS6 - build 481</xmp:CreatorTool> <xmp:CreateDate>2014-11-03T09:50:24-05:00</xmp:CreateDate> <xmp:MetadataDate>2014-11-04T15:26:42-05:00</xmp:MetadataDate> <xmp:ModifyDate>2014-11-04T15:26:42-05:00</xmp:ModifyDate> </rdf:Description> <rdf:Description rdf:about="" xmlns:dc="http://purl.org/dc/elements/1.1/"> <dc:format>application/x-shockwave-flash</dc:format> </rdf:Description> <rdf:Description rdf:about="" xmlns:xmpMM="http://ns.adobe.com/xap/1.0/mm/" xmlns:stRef="http://ns.adobe.com/xap/1.0/sType/ResourceRef#"> <xmpMM:InstanceID>xmp.iid:EAB7B9250D2068118083F07BA108F061</xmpMM:InstanceID> <xmpMM:DocumentID>xmp.did:EAB7B9250D2068118083F07BA108F061</xmpMM:DocumentID> <xmpMM:OriginalDocumentID>xmp.did:F77F1174072068118083A353E50FFFFA</xmpMM:OriginalDocumentID> <xmpMM:DerivedFrom rdf:parseType="Resource"> <stRef:instanceID>xmp.iid:F77F1174072068118083F07BA108F061</stRef:instanceID> <stRef:documentID>xmp.did:F87F1174072068118083A353E50FFFFA</stRef:documentID> <stRef:originalDocumentID>xmp.did:F77F1174072068118083A353E50FFFFA</stRef:originalDocumentID> </xmpMM:DerivedFrom> </rdf:Description> </rdf:RDF> Frame # Frame Bytes Total Bytes Scene ------- ----------- ----------- ----- 1 30026 30026 Scene 1 (AS 3.0 Classes Export Frame) Scene Shape Bytes Text Bytes ActionScript Bytes ------- ----------- ---------- ------------------ Scene 1 38 0 16116 Symbol Shape Bytes Text Bytes ActionScript Bytes ------------- ----------- ---------- ------------------ arrow_mc 0 0 0 background_mc 0 0 0 base_mc 28 0 0 button_png_mc 0 0 0 headline_1_mc 0 217 0 headline_2_mc 0 84 0 logo_mc 494 0 0 subhead_mc 0 147 0 Font Name Bytes Characters ---------------- ---------- ---------- TradeGothic-Bold 3541 .?ABCDEGHIJLNOPRSTUWYaceghiklnoprtuvwxy ActionScript Bytes Location ------------------ -------- 16116 Scene 1:Frame 1 Bitmap Compressed Original Compression ---------------- ---------- ---------- ----------- background_a.jpg 5858 300000 Imported JPEG=102 Untitled-1.png 549 10212 Lossless button(1).png 1411 4640 Lossless import com.greensock.*; import com.greensock.easing.*; import com.greensock.plugins.*; TweenPlugin.activate([FrameLabelPlugin, ColorTransformPlugin, TintPlugin]); import com.greensock.plugins.TweenPlugin; import com.greensock.plugins.BlurFilterPlugin; TweenPlugin.activate([blurFilterPlugin]); //moves headlines off stage TweenLite.to(headline1_white_mc, 1, {x:-250, y:137.2, delay:6, ease:Sine.easeOut, blurFilter:{blurX:10, blurY:10} } ); TweenLite.to(headline1_bronze_mc, 1, {x:527, y:137.2, tint:0x996007, delay:6, ease:Sine.easeOut, blurFilter:{blurX:10, blurY:10 } } ); //moves final headline onto stage TweenLite.to(headline2_white_mc, .75, {x:203.65, y:63.65, alpha:1, delay:7, ease:Sine.easeOut } ); TweenLite.to(headline2_bronze_mc, .75, {x:203.65, y:63.65, alpha:1, tint:0x996007, delay:7, ease:Sine.easeOut } ); //moves white base block and white arrow onto stage TweenLite.to(base_mc, 1, {x:150, y:225, delay:8, ease:Sine.easeOut } ); TweenLite.to(arrow_mc, 1, {x:239, y:183.95, delay:9, ease:Sine.easeOut } ); //fades in final elements TweenLite.from(logo_mc, 2, {x:239, y:208.55, alpha:0, delay:10, ease:Sine.easeOut } ) TweenLite.from(button_mc, 1.4, {alpha:0, delay:9.75, ease:Sine.easeOut } ); TweenLite.from(subhead_mc, 1, {alpha:0, delay:10, ease:Sine.easeOut } );
  5. Working on some small animated banners. Just wondering what the optimal GSAP setup might be in terms of balancing a decent animation feature set and the overall size of the files output. I've looked around a bit, but there doesn't seem to be much practical advice. Ideas?
  6. Mike

    File size

    I work in an environment where a lot of animation is required but a tight file size limit is enforced. I've been using Tweenlite for a couple years and i love it, i just wish that it wasn't 50k by the time you include Tweenlite and the CSS plugin. Does anyone have any suggestions for a lighter weight version of Tweenlite? Also, on the downloads page if you go to customize and you start picking which parts of the GSAP you want, Tweenlite says its only 7Kb and the CSS plugin only 12Kb, but when i download them they are 24k and 31k respectively. Are those lower file sizes incorrect or gzipped or what? Anyway suggestions would be appreciated.
  7. Is there any way I can reduce the size of TweenLite's footprint within my Flash banner? On publish, Actionscript 2.0 Classes make up 20K of my 32K banner. I'm not doing anything crazy here, just fading in/out and moving up/down. I tried using TweenNano...file size was GREAT. But I couldn't figure out how to make my banner repeat only two times, since there is no "repeat" or "restart" features like there are in TweenLite. Am I importing something that I don't need? Here's my AS2.0 TweenLite Code: // import the tween engine import com.greensock.*; import com.greensock.easing.*; ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // define the timeline var timeline:TimelineLite = new TimelineLite({onComplete:repeat}); // define repeat function variables var nPlays = 0; var totPlays = 2; // repeat timeline if played less than three times function repeat() { if (nPlays < totPlays) { timeline.restart(); nPlays++; } } ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // get your tween on timeline.appendMultiple([ TweenLite.from(text1, 1, {_alpha:0, _y:"-20", ease:Expo.easeOut, delay:.5}), TweenLite.from(text1b, 1, {_alpha:0, _y:"40", ease:Expo.easeOut, delay:.5}), TweenLite.to(text1, 1, {_alpha:0, _y:"20", ease:Expo.easeOut, delay:2.5}), TweenLite.to(bg1, 1, {_alpha:0, ease:Expo.easeOut, delay:2.5}), TweenLite.from(text2, 1, {_alpha:0, _y:"-20", ease:Expo.easeOut, delay:3}), TweenLite.to(text2, 1, {_alpha:0, _y:"20", ease:Expo.easeOut, delay:5}), TweenLite.from(text3, 1, {_alpha:0, _y:"-20", ease:Expo.easeOut, delay:5.5}), TweenLite.to(text3, 1, {_alpha:0, _y:"20", ease:Expo.easeOut, delay:7.5}), TweenLite.from(text4, 1, {_alpha:0, _y:"-20", ease:Expo.easeOut, delay:7.5}), TweenLite.from(stall, 2, {_y:"10", delay:10})]); stop(); Here's my AS2.0 TweenNano code. File size is great, but I can't figure out how to make it repeat only twice. // import the tween engine import com.greensock.*; import com.greensock.easing.*; ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // define repeat function variables var nPlays = 0; var totPlays = 2; // repeat timeline if played less than three times function repeat() { if (nPlays < totPlays) { //initBanner.start(); initBanner(); nPlays++; } } ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// function initBanner({onComplete:repeat}) { //the issue is with this line TweenNano.from(text1, 1, {_alpha:0, _y:"-20", ease:Expo.easeOut, delay:.5, overwrite:0}); TweenNano.from(text1b, 1, {_alpha:0, _y:"40", ease:Expo.easeOut, delay:.5, overwrite:0}); TweenNano.to(text1, 1, {_alpha:0, _y:"20", ease:Expo.easeOut, delay:2.5, overwrite:0}); TweenNano.to(bg1, 1, {_alpha:0, ease:Expo.easeOut, delay:2.5, overwrite:0}); TweenNano.from(text2, 1, {_alpha:0, _y:"-20", ease:Expo.easeOut, delay:3, overwrite:0}); TweenNano.to(text2, 1, {_alpha:0, _y:"20", ease:Expo.easeOut, delay:5, overwrite:0}); TweenNano.from(text3, 1, {_alpha:0, _y:"-20", ease:Expo.easeOut, delay:5.5, overwrite:0}); TweenNano.to(text3, 1, {_alpha:0, _y:"20", ease:Expo.easeOut, delay:7.5, overwrite:0}); TweenNano.from(text4, 1, {_alpha:0, _y:"-20", ease:Expo.easeOut, delay:7.5, overwrite:0}); TweenNano.from(stall, 2, {_y:"10", delay:10, overwrite:0}); } initBanner(); stop();
  8. Hi Quick question when setting the value for estimateBytes for a 100k image should it be: .estimatedBytes(100) or .estimatedBytes(100000)