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Found 5 results

  1. Hey Folks, We're excited to launch a new feature that allows you to save your favorite threads as, well, favorites! 1: Press the favorites button at the top of any thread. 2: View a list of all your favorites by visiting: https://greensock.com/forums/favorites On the favorites screen you can remove favorites. So now you know longer have to dig through pages of Blake's "content" too find that killer demo you need Thanks to everyone that requested this feature. Let us know what you think.
  2. Hi! I'm today trying to get something, but i'm failed. I did own javascript animation platform, that can do part of thing of GSAP! But i need "In-Sync" tweening, basic users don't need that, but for sliders, tab-changed, Timeline GSAP script is best working. Missing some feature i need. TweenMax.to('#element', 1, { width : 200, height : 200, x : 100, ease : { width : 'QuadInOut', height : 'ExpoInOut' }}); // these syntax is for example, maybe have wrong syntax, sorry I can create this plug-in (pls let me read useful docs for creating plugin) and have already? It's reduces memory, CPU and
  3. We're considering a switch to force3D:"auto" as the default in GSAP 1.14.3 because: Performance: whenever an element has a 3D transform applied (like matrix3d(...) or translate3d(...)), even when only 2D components are needed, that element gets "layerized" (put onto its own compositor/GPU layer), meaning it's much cheaper processing-wise to move/rotate/scale as long as its internals don't change (like its color or contents). Think of it like taking a photo of it and shuttling those pixels to the GPU and then just shift those around. The performance difference is particularly evident on mobi
  4. I searched around a bit to see if this had been suggested before - I'm guessing it has, but just in case - you can already pass in an array of clips to have their properties tweened - why not allow passing in a vector (e.g. Vector.<DisplayObject>) as well? mostly for the sake of sheer convenience in not having to switch collection formats when you need to tween things.
  5. Hi I'm wondering if this already exist in TweenMax, or if not, if it's possible to request for a feature here. Sometimes when working on something, you might want to have an update loop temporarily (say mousedown, until mouse up). The way to do that in JS would be to create a request animation frame, and then kill it later etc etc. However since TweenMax is already running one in the background, I was wondering if it was possible to hook into it somehow. Taking advantage of the nice, remove / pause features TweenMax provides I imagine something like, (or whatever you guys see fit!)