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Found 7 results

  1. Hey Greensock Would be great to have the progress() function return 0-1 normalized with the selected easing. I just animated the rotation of car wheels, and needed that rotation to match the easing of the tween of the car's movement. Ended up using my own method, by fetching one of the tweened properties ( (current_value-start_value)/(end_value-start_value) ), but a generic progressWithEasing(), or another property to the progress() method, like 'normalize with easing' or something would be great... Cheers.
  2. Have you considered adding the ability to tween between css classes? Instead of specifying css properties in the tween, you could specify a css selector and it would tween anything defined in that class/id. It would clean up the code and encourage reusability. For instance, I have a lot of places where I'm tweening different elements to an "on" state. I've defined the properties of that tween in a variable that I pass to each tween, but this seems like it would be more naturally handled in CSS. It would also easily allow fallbacks to just toggling classes.
  3. One really nice way to clean up your HTML is to get rid of inline SVGs and opt of object tags like this: <object id="mySVG" type="image/svg+xml" data="images/PrettyArt.svg"></object> The problem with this, is that it is technically a separate document. So the following doesn't work... TweenMax.to("#myObject",.5,{opacity:1}); It would just fail to animate, and worse, it would fail silently so I had no clue why it was failing! To make this easier to handle, it might be nice to either have some sort of logging if it doesn't find the queried object. OR the ability to either include a specific target document to query. One way to achieve this, would be to "register" the SVG document with TweenMax. Something like this: TweenMax.register("#mySVG"); In this case, TweenMax would query the current document for "#mySVG", it would find the object tag and include this document to also traverse if no objects were found in the root document. Obviously, this would work great for including one document, but multiple documents per page could be used. And that would muddy up the results of the query selector. So maybe another strategy should be used instead. What if you could force which document you want to select from... for example what if you could add a fourth/optional argument? Like this: TweenMax.to("#myObject",.5,{opacity:0},"#mySVG"); This would allow you to optionally include another document or a list of documents to query.
  4. This came up in my thread from earlier today and ties into another recent thread about events in TweenMax. I'd like to make a feature request for Draggable to emit events (onPress, onDrag, onThrow, etc.). This feature will allow the decoupling of our code from the create function and encourage good coding practice and organisation. Unlike TweenMax, Draggable is heavily tied to the DOM and so I think this is a reasonable request. At the moment I'm doing this using pub/sub to emit the events from within the Draggable init code. It works but it is an extra step. Here is a good example - the PageModule and the HeaderModule are logically separate pieces of code. The PageModule doesn't know about the HeaderModule, it just emits events. Jack, Carl, what do you think?
  5. gosu

    Draggable groups

    Is there any chance to see grouping of Draggable elements so that when you drag single element of a group, all elements of the group are being dragged. There's such functionality in YUI: http://yuilibrary.com/yui/docs/api/classes/DD.Drop.html#method_addToGroup http://yuilibrary.com/yui/docs/api/classes/DD.Drop.html#method_removeFromGroup Something like: var draggable1 = Draggable.create(element1); draggable1.addToGroup('group'); var draggable2 = Draggable.create(element2); draggable2.addToGroup('group');
  6. Hi I'm playing with some "clip" animations right now, and find myself calculate way too many hardcoded values. [Edit: this functionality exist, I still wish for the array option] I think that an addition of relative values to clip:rect() will add a lot of flexibility. Also, allowing clip to receive an array of values instead of the CSS syntax rect(a,b,c,d) could help ease development too. something like so: // set initial clip:rect(0, 100px, 100px, 0) as required by CSS TweenMax.set(element, {clip: [0, 100, 100, 0]}) // tween from clip:rect(50px, 80px, 100px, 0) TweenMax.from(element, {clip: ['+=50', '-=20', '+=0', '+=0']}))
  7. Hey guys, It would be really nice if the Bounce easing had some configuration like the Back easing does. I'd like to be able to configure the bouncyness. Less bouncy objects would maybe only bounce once and not come back up very high Whereas others might be very bouncy and bounce for a long period and quite high relative to the original drop. What do you think?