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Found 1 result

  1. The codepen has a tween/timeline that's 1 second. Clicking the record button steps through the animation and snaps 60 PNGs per second - so there are 60 images. The last bit of the Circ.easeIn is so fast that it doesn't make it into the collection of images. I hate to increase above 60/sec. Is there any way to add a little padding onto the end of the timeline so that last snapshot gets the end of the animation? In the codepen, when you click the record button, you see the images dropping in below and can see where the last image is snapped at the beginning of that last 60th of a second but prior to the end of the animation. The preview button shows the actual animation. For experimental purposes, I increased the FPS to 120 and it still never made it. I searched through the forum and found a post in the actionscript area that talked about adding a dummy "set" like the following: // get the duration of the timeline var totalTime = mainTimeline.duration(); var dummySet = TweenMax.set({},{},totalTime+1); When I tried that in my app I got the same duration - nothing changed. Is it possible to pause at the end and then finish? If I missed an explanation for this please point me in the right direction. Thanks!