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Found 3 results

  1. Hiya, Is it possible to have the CTA button in a banner to have effects, when hovered and clicked and also to have the BG_Exit as well? here is the code.: function exitClickHandler(e) { console.log('exit'); Enabler.exit('BackgroundExit'); } function ctaClickHandler(e) { console.log('ctaexit'); Enabler.exit('CTA Exit'); } function ctaMouseDown(e) { console.log('mousedown'); }); }; When the 'BackgroundExit' is z-indexed, then the CTA doesn't work, but when z-index is off Exit CTA works, but then the 'BackgroundExit' doesn't click. Can anyone help on this issue?? Cheers, Lynette
  2. Hi, I have placed a Youtube video in my banner which shows after a few animations. It is working fine. The issue is I have given the exit id which is over the whole banner, a z-index of (for example) 40; Because of this z-index, I am unable to click on the progress bar of the youtube video to skip sections of the video. If I take the Z-index off the exit, it works, but then when I go back when I click on the banner again, on the video, it just plays the video, doesn't take me to my exit url. I need the z-index on the exit for that is the exit for the ad. Is there a way around this?
  3. Hi all. I'm trying to create different entrances/exits effects for images. For example. I would like an image to appear on the screen assembled from small grains. An image would need to be split into individual pixels (or small group of pixels), and they would gradually fade in one by one. Or. I would like an image to enter the screen assembled from a mash of small parallelograms. An image would be split into smaller shapes, and they would zoom in over time. Are there any examples out there I could reuse or look at for reference. Any pointers or suggestions are welcome.