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Found 4 results

  1. Hello everyone, I am new to this place and I'm quite new to the GSAP world. I'm very excited about working with this library and watching the examples I was really impressed with this one. I have seen that there is a huge use of three.js library and I was wondering about how three.js and GSAP works togheter. For example, the camera movements are just made with three.js or there is a way to replicate that animation only with GSAP or both? I'm just looking for some hints! Thank you in advance! P.S. If I'm in the wrong section or off-topic, please forgive me!
  2. Hello, I'm new user of GSAP, and I try to make a webapp projet, with animation created with GSAP. I have not really problem for create and animate, it's a hard process to know all posibility of this tool but, is not the problem.. My approach is to try to launch SVG animation without hover (obviously in ipad) and without click: - My webapp content section (fullpage.js) like : #section1 : "home" - #section 2 : "my first animation" etc... I see the examples : http://www.publicis90.com/#/publicis90, or that one http://www.cryptarismission.com/ on this site and it's awesome but i dont understand how can i do that.. I want said : When I change section -> my animation start. If i launch my app now.. All animation start in background and when i change #section, animation is ended.. I sorry for my english and my incomprehension :'( Thanks a lot B.
  3. I've been interested in GSAP for some time, I'd like to help GSAP grow. But i think there is a lack of quick tutorials or code. I've seen some people do some amazing things with GSAP but beyond documentation, there are few resources. Most of the time when web developers start new projects they just take code that works and add it to their projects adjust it a little to suit their needs. They don't want to learn how a new library works right this second even if it does look good. An example of what i mean is http://www.shanemielke.com/archives/usopen-sessions/ These are some really amazing animations but for people just starting out they can learn little from it as it is so complex, i see this sort of thing alot in the codepens that are around and in showcases. Whilst there are some tutorials and some code to get started, i think as a community we could do more. In an effort to help i created this http://www.divinitycomputing.com/gsap-javascript-buttons/ Whilst yes i just created this account, i have been using GSAP in projects for about 6 months, i've just made my new company ( i'm 19) and i'd like to put myself on the map, with GSAP i aim to do that, i consider myself a pretty decent programmer , so if you have any ideas or requests for what i might do next with GSAP, ask and ill see what i can put together, anyway thanks. Happy coding.
  4. Somebody knows a big source of animation effects and tweens examples to copy from?