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Found 2 results

  1. I have created a TweenMax instance with an onComplete Callback in as2 using the scope parameter. Everything works fine. When I try to delete the eventCallback with instance.eventCallback("onComplete",null); it does not remove the callback. I also have tried the following, nothing works instance.eventCallback("onComplete",null,"onCompleteScope:this"); instance.eventCallback("onComplete",null,null,"onCompleteScope:this"); instance.eventCallback("onComplete",null,[],"onCompleteScope:this"); instance.eventCallback("onComplete",null,this); and so on... Nothing seems to work and actually remove the callback from the tween. You mention a 4th parameter in the docs but there is an example missing how to correctly implement scope. Can anyone tell me the correct syntax? Any help much appreciated!
  2. Hi, just wanted to let you know that it seems that clear() on a timeline does not remove eventCallbacks. It doesn't matter if they are set by the constructor or afterwards with eventCallback('eventtype', function) I'm using latest Chrome and the latest TweenMax & TimelineMax JS versions on Windows 8 (shouldn't matter) just try the following: var tl = new TimelineMax({onComplete: function() {console.log('complete');}}); tl.eventCallback('onComplete'); //returns function tl.eventCallback('onReverseComplete', function() {console.log('reversed');}); tl.clear(); tl.eventCallback('onReverseComplete'); // still there tl.eventCallback('onComplete'); // still there Although eventCallbacks get not killed, the containing tweens and timelines are removed and the totalDuration is 0 afterwards. Would be nice if someone could confirm that!