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Found 1 result

  1. I´m using a lot of features of TweenMax in flash game project like: - Delay calls. - Tween Proprieties and Variables. - Tween call functions in onUpdate/onComplete/onStart feature - Tween filters, color matrix and so on - Scale around point In some game features like: - Apply/Remove/Animate effect - Damage Controls Timers - Auto Time Control in Status Effects - Show/Hide/Animate Interfaces Arts - Show/Animate Damage art Splashes and Damage Text - Other Attributes Timers - Other Object Animations I have had huge problem that appear after i implement TweenMax for the animations in the game. The problem is: - Tweens animations, delayed calls stop in the middle of the animation or do not call functions after time is complete (in case of delayed calls). Objects that are being animated simply stop with the last value before Tween freeze. There is no error shown in debug mode and the problem happen randomly making no distinction of witch Tween is being done. Generally, all Tweens that are going in a same particular time freezes together. After one or multiple Tweens freezes other tweens called after works normally. But objects they were being animated by a frozen tween never get updated again, some times even if a Tween is called again or other tween takes places. Some examples: - Damage number appearing with damage splash stop in the middle of path and do no fade away with a code like that: TweenMax.to(spriteArt.container, 1, { startAt: { y:-30, dropShadowFilter:{color:0x000000, alpha:1, blurX:4, blurY:4, strength:5.5, distance:0} }, dropShadowFilter:{color:0x000000, alpha:1, blurX:4, blurY:4, strength:8.5, distance:0} , y:-105, alpha:0, ease:Back.easeIn, overwrite:false, onComplete:remove} ); - Yoyo animation of a filter (damage invulnerable effect) that make a object twinkle stop in a random value and never continue again with code like that: DamageInvunerableTween = TweenMax.to(thisObjectArt, 0.15, { colorMatrixFilter: { colorize:"0xffcc66", amount:"0.3", contrast:"1.3", brightness:"1.3" }, ease:Quad.easeInOut, overwrite:false, repeat: -1, yoyo: true } ); - A interface element (like game over screen) do not appear or appear half transparent with code like that: TweenMax.to (_movieClip, 2, {startAt: {alpha:0}, alpha:1, onUpdate:updateBitmap, onStart:setAnimating, onStartParams:[true], onComplete:setAnimating, onCompleteParams:[false]} ); - Some systems features stop to work when they use TweenMax for some reason (like delayedCalls): applyStatus("ShieldDamaged", true); TweenMax.delayedCall(time, removeStatus, ["ShieldDamaged", false]); The big problem is the game simply do not work when player plays for more than few minutes because some of this freezes happen and broke the gameplay or some effect or some animation. First, i though i was using TweenMax overly and then i reduce a lot the use and the creation of new tweens but make no difference. Some times there is a problem with other event Listners in the code like: art.contentLoaderInfo.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, onSephiusArtLoaded); That make event.Complete or any other event not being dispatched and giving no error what so ever. The most strange thing is there is no error appearing in debug when this things happen so there is no way to find what is happening. The Tween/Event simply stop or not happen. I´m under lot of pressure because i should launch a demo for the project backers in 2 weeks and i still have no clue how to solve this catastrophic problem. I can give repository access if necessary to test and see in action the problem happening. Please help us!