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Found 2 results

  1. I know this has an exceedingly simple answer, so apologies in advance. I decided to try out Animate CC for a quickie banner campaign. I'm using Cory Hudson's awesome GSAP banner starter files (from the Greensock blog post) with AdHelper. Everything is great, except I have a play/pause toggle and every time I click on it, it fires the banner clickthrough. How do I make that not happen?
  2. I've got a project where I've set up multiple circular dials, one within the other. If you rotate one, it rotates the other at a different rate of speed. One of the problems is that since they are divs that overlap, they are square and thus the inner dial will sometimes overlap the dial below it (since it's rotated at an angle, the corner of the square covers up much of the layers below it). I would love to use the built-in click and touch handlers that Draggable has, is there a way to get all events of the Draggable object and determine the users' intent and instead of spinning the top-most layer it interacts with the correct layer below it? I will try to create a CodePen example shortly.