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Found 8 results

  1. Hello, the first time I tried ScrollTrigger.matchmedia and it was not working properly. In the example, the link you can see 4 cards on the desktop when the user scrolls all cards move on the x-axis, and it works well on the desktop. But on mobile when we scroll card does not move properly I mean the last card does not show clearly. Actually, I have already solved this problem by just adding some numbers on scrollTrigger end value. But I want to know any other possible way to fix it, because how I can know how many numbers need to add when the card number increases like 8, or 10? The Example Link: https://stackblitz.com/edit/nextjs-uc7lzw?file=templates%2FCenterSection%2FCenterSection.tsx,styles%2Fglobals.css,pages%2F_app.tsx
  2. Hi, i have the following issue: I am making a Website using Vuejs and would like to use the ScrollTrigger in a sub-page. On this sub-page images should be revealed on scroll using the ScrollTrigger and toArray. However for some reason the starting point "top bottom" is only set properly for the first image at the first visit of the site. On all following images the start trigger is kind of the same as the first one, which shouldn't be the case. If i reload the page or visit it for the second time, everything works properly and the start and end triggers are at the right place. I don't know whether this i a vue, webpack or gsap bug, or do i miss something? How it should look like and does on reload. On first load mounted() { gsap.utils.toArray(".anim").forEach(anim => { gsap.from(anim, { scrollTrigger: { start: "top bottom", end: "top center", markers: true, scrub: 1, trigger: anim }, y: 120, opacity: 0.3 }) }) }
  3. I've encountered a problem with my start & end position on my ScrollTrigger. This is how the start and end position should be, and every time I save after writing a code the position is correct. However.. When I refresh the page the start & end position gets buggy. The start & end position does not align with the top and the bottom of the container to the left. This is the scrollTrigger code useEffect(() => { const el = cardRef.current ScrollTrigger.create({ trigger : el, start : 'top center ', end: 'bottom center', onEnter : () => { playVideo() store.dispatch(currentElementHover(techNames())) cardRef.current.classList.toggle('cardFocus') }, onEnterBack : () => { playVideo() store.dispatch(currentElementHover(techNames())) cardRef.current.classList.toggle('cardFocus') }, onLeave : () => { resetVideo() store.dispatch(currentElementHover([])) cardRef.current.classList.toggle('cardFocus') }, onLeaveBack : () => { resetVideo() store.dispatch(currentElementHover([])) cardRef.current.classList.toggle('cardFocus') }, markers : true }) },[]) Any help would be appreciated greatly!
  4. I am toggling class at box-container (black borderbox on left) based on selector's (color boxes) start and end point while scroll. I try to find a way to avoid toggleClass when distance between next start point and current end end point is too short. ( want to implement toggleClass only if this distance is larger than box height ) **** Screenshot that issue happened (passed end and about to pass next start) **** I was trying to achieve this with scrolltrigger's callback functions but it was too complicated and failed to get the distance between endpoint and next start point.
  5. 🌞🌾 hello fellow humans. feels really nice to join this awesome community. i found so much help here already. now its time to make my own first post. - - - so! i would love to get some help on positioning tweens inside a timeline as i was not able to find an elegant solution until this point. the attached image explains what i got and what i want. so i have a main tween in my timeline that has a duration of 2s. and a few others that are shorter in time. now, basically i want to dynamically align all the other tween endpoints with the main tween's endpoint. i say dynamically because tween durations will change within the website. i know that i can use the relative position parameter for this. and with absolute numbers it works beautifully: // create timeline let timeline = gsap.timeline(); // add tweens timeline.add(container.fadeOut(), 0); timeline.add(elements.fadeOut(), '-=1.2'); timeline.add(footer.fadeOut(), '-=1.4'); timeline.add(progress.reset(), '-=1.8'); but what happens if for example my footer.fadeOut() tween changes its duration to 0.8s? with my code example, the endpoints of footer.fadeOut() and container.fadeOut() are not aligned anymore. how can i dynamically change the -1.2s to -0.8s? how can i subtract the tweens own duration, relative from the timeline endpoint? and how can i do this elegantly without using tons of variables to get each tween's duration? thank you so much for taking your time. stay healthy, stay safe. jaro πŸŒ³πŸƒ
  6. I have not made a codepen. It's basically that. I want to know how I can force the timeline to finish animating to the end or beginning. Just want the elments to return to the initial state without tweening while scrolling using scrollmagic or basically to press a button. I have tried pretty much all the timelinemax methods without success. somebody here with much experience then me should know. Thanks so much
  7. Is it possible to call draggable's snap method on the completion of a scroll? The snap is working perfect on drag complete (type scrollLeft) but I'd like it to behave the same way on the completion of a horizontal scroll, is this possible?
  8. Hi, guys. I am quite new to GSAP. The system is really solid, however, I ran into a small problem. I am trying to animate the X property of the the main container and text in it. Basically, I want to make a nice slide out menu. THE PROBLEM: The black background slides out really nicely, BUT, the text starts sliding out as normal, but then jumps at the end as if it was skipping something. I cannot figure out what is causing that. I would be really grateful If someone helped me out, because I feel like I am missing something really fundamental here. Here is the code: Codepen: http://codepen.io/arthurleonov/pen/ZbPrLX var menu = $('.js-menu'), menuContainer = $('.menu-container'), menuItems = $('.js-menu-items h3 a'); var tl = new TimelineMax({ paused: true, reversed: true, }); // set new timelinemax // container animation tl.from(menuContainer, 3, { x: '-1000', autoAlpha: 0, force3D: true, ease: Power3.easeOut }) // text animation tl.from(menuItems, 2, { x: '-600', autoAlpha: 0, force3D: true, ease: Expo.easeOut }); // toggle animation $(menu).on('click', function() { tl.reversed() ? tl.play() : tl.reverse(); }); Thanks in advance!