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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, I am using the Draggable plugin and I need to enable/disable it sometimes. I can't find a sample on the help documentation to control this. The follow exemple seems not to work : Draggable.enable(); Thanks for your help.
  2. I have multiple elements that are being used as the trigger under one class. For example, the "dragHandle" class is my trigger: <div class="dragHandle"></div> <div class="dragHandle"></div> <div class="dragHandle"></div> <div id="draggableLayer"></div> This is fine when it is first initialized. All three will drag the "draggableLayer." The problem is, I am dynamically adding more "dragHandle" elements, and they are not seen as triggers after Draggable has initialized on page load. I.e: <div class="dragHandle"></div> <div class="dragHandle"></div> <div class="dragHandle"></div> <!-- these 2 were added after page load, but don't work like the others do as a trigger --> <div class="dragHandle"></div> <div class="dragHandle"></div> <div id="draggableLayer"></div> I have tried disabling (and killing) and then enabling the Draggable after adding the the additional trigger elements, but that hasn't worked. Is there a way to destroy and reinitialize the Draggable? Or maybe another way to make it see the additional trigger elements I am dynamically adding? Thanks!
  3. Hi! I have noticed that if I have a draggable element with throwProps:true and throwing it will stop animate if I call the enable() function while the throw animation is still active. What im trying to do is that I have nested draggables that needs to call disable and enable at a specific time and dont want to break the animation if its still going. I looked at the Draggable.js source code and in line 1718 does the animation to stop. TweenLite.set(target, {x:"+=0"}); //simply ensures that there's a _gsTransform on the element. I wanted to let you now what I found and maybe its better that you guys does the change in source code if you think this is something to change. The disable() function works as i should. Thanks!