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Found 5 results

  1. Hi everybody, I was wondering if it was possible - I'm sure it is actually but I don't know how exactly - to define a drop area in which draggable elements would go. I saw the "trigger" property but I don't know how to use it. For instance : I created 6 labels like so : <div class="move" id="word1">vol</div> <div class="move" id="word2">nuée</div> <div class="move" id="word3">rangée</div> <div class="move" id="word4">bande</div> <div class="move" id="word5">tas</div> <div class="move" id="word6">pile</div> I give them draggable properties : Draggable.create(".move", { cursor: "-webkit-grab", onDragStart:function(){ TweenLite.set(".move",{cursor:"-webkit-grabbing", opacity:0.6}); }, onDragEnd:function(){ TweenLite.set(".move",{opacity:1}); } }); And now, I would like them to be dropped (not everywhere on the page but) only in a drop area like a <span> : <div class="exercice">Un(e) <span class="DropArea">............................</span> de cailloux</div> How can I reach this result ? Thank you for your consideration.
  2. Hello, I've changed my cursor to grabbing while it's grabbing the object but i'm having troubles to return to the cursor 'grab' after I drop the object. Any tips on that? Here's my code so far: Draggable.create(div1, { type: 'x,y', bounds: parent, cursor: "grab", edgeResistance: 1, onDrag: function() { childX.html(this.x); childY.html(this.y); } }); Draggable.get("#div1").vars.cursor = "grabbing";
  3. Here's my dragdrop code: sym.$('card2').draggable({opacity:.5,revert:'invalid'}); sym.$('droptarget2').droppable({ accept:sym.$("card2"), drop: function() { sym.getSymbol("card2").play(); sym.getSymbol("droptarget2").play(); } } ); I want to have 2 different actions happen depending on the filename. ie. if (droppedfilename=="qs.png") { // accept and fade out } else { // don't accept } How do I detect the filename of the dropped image.
  4. jeff4gee

    Drag and Drop

    I am trying to setup an animation with GSJS that allows to drag one div item over another and fires a function either on over the target object or release of draggable object on top of landing target. Thanks for your help!
  5. Hello.! GreenSock _ _ _ I have two layers. On bottom layer, I have several buttons, on top layer, I have a shape inside "test" MovieClip import com.greensock.*; import com.greensock.easing.*; TweenMax.to(test, 0, {dropShadowFilter:{color:0x000000, alpha:0.6, blurX:5, blurY:5, strength:1, angle:135, distance:4, inner:true, hideObject:true}}); This code works very nice but I can't have access at the buttons of bottom layer. How to complete hide the "test"? - stay visible the inner shadow and access bottom layer buttons? I was testing various properties with no chance Hope there is a solution Thanks Sakar