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Found 531 results

  1. Hello, we're working on a full-screen sliding interface and got in to a ruckus when trying to show it in IE11. It seems to be only to drag back the amount of padding instead of whole width of the content. Is this a Draggable issue or is there a way to fix it with css? Thanks in advance
  2. I need to be able to get the position of the box or a way to know where the box moved and update the state. onDragEnd I can't pass the this.x for some reason, not sure if I'm missing anything. Here is the Demo: https://codesandbox.io/s/stoic-wood-zuyel?file=/src/Box.jsx
  3. Hi I have a draggable with a iframe, in mobile, i can't move if my first touch is in the iframe. The scrolltop is good, the touch on desktop too, but on mobile nothing. So i can't use Draggable if i have a video(youtube/video) inside, on mobile. If i hijack with dragClickables:true, all my links and the play button in the iframe become unavailable. Anyone have a solution ? Thanks
  4. OK - Whew! This was a great challenge for me. I learned a lot and I think it is worth sharing. I was initially inspired by the post about creating a sortable list. It reminded me of this classic tile puzzle that I am sure most of you have seen. Of course, the idea is to put all of the tiles in order. I certainly had a few challenges... Preventing the tiles from overlapping. Obviously, in the real puzzle you don't get to leap frog other tiles. I didn't truly accomplish this but have an acceptable workaround. Limiting drags to a single tile space at a time. I ended up utilizing the endDrag() to interrupt the dragging after a single snap which is a tile space value. Getting the "blank space" to move appropriately based on the tile that is being moved. My personal goal was to keep the code as minimal as possible. I reviewed many of the code pens related to dragging and boundaries and boy, were they complicated. I am very proud to say that I kept this all working in under 30 lines of JavaScript! I call this Phase 1 because my next step will be to track the tiles in such a way that we can launch an animation for the winner. In the meantime, enjoy this tile puzzle.
  5. I'm trying to use Draggable with React and I don't seem to make it work. Currently I have this code and the version of react: "dependencies": { "gsap": "^3.5.1", "react": "^16.8.1", "react-dom": "^16.8.1", "react-gsap": "^2.2.1", } Update: Here is the link to code: https://codesandbox.io/s/gallant-morning-2ggfm
  6. Hi everyone, I'd like to just start off by saying this GSAP is fantastic and this forum is a wealth of knowledge for an extremely noob "programmer" (I use that term very lightly lol) like myself! I'm trying to have a dragable div, which will auto create a MotionPathHelper onclick of a button. You can see in the pen that after dragging and when the path is created, it seems to add on the distance I've moved the element, previous to creating the path. Is there a simple way to avoid that happening? Forgive me if it's obvious as I'm very new to programming.
  7. Hello. I need your help. I don't know gsap well yet. But I need to create an animation, and I don’t know how to do it. This is the slider. Can you make it infinity? And also do it on a scroll, but not so as to turn the mouse wheel on the slide. Can smoothly wheel the slider, and when you stop turning, the slide that is more captured is the one that becomes active? I understand I probably want a lot. But I already don’t know what to do. Help me please. Thanks to everyone who will respond. Perhaps there are other options for how you can do this. I will be glad for any help Here is an example site and I want to repeat this slider https://damiankujawa.pl/en
  8. Hi guys I saw this demo in the forum lately: https://codepen.io/PointC/pen/YRzRyM I have a draggable horizontal slider in my current project and I would like to make it also scrollable with snapping. Snapping already works. But I have no idea how to make it also scrollable because I am a newbie in JS. Thank you for any help! Best, Cédric
  9. Hoping this is a quick fix. I've looked over the forums and implemented (allowNativeTouchScrolling: true) for GSAP's boilerplate slider, but it still interrupts the vertical scroll. I'd just like to glide over it, like any image, etc. Appreciate any help here: Thanks for all.
  10. The minimumMovement property to configure a Draggable can actually be a float. The docs say it's integer. This is good to know if you are dragging elements of an SVG element of just a few units high/wide.
  11. Hi everyone, I made some card concepts using the Draggable plugin, but the problem is that sometimes clicks or drags doesn`t work. Any ideas why this is happening and how to fix it? Thank you!
  12. Hi, do you have any tips how make a dragger/timeline or progress bar fulfill by itself as the mouse is being moved? Additionally, how to read its value in real time? I want to update mood.progress() value adequately. In short words - the goal is for pet's mood to get better as you move your mouse. Right now you can do it by dragging a dot on a slider. I'm using GSAP since yesterday. I've been fighting all day with it and cannot think of any proper solution. Thanks! [EDIT] Solved
  13. Hey Team, We've been working with all GSAP modules for a long time and it's great. Love the additions and included types for Typescript support. Today I've noticed that the minX/minY readonly properties are missing from the types in draggable.d.ts causing an error. The maxX/maxY properties are there: readonly maxX: number; readonly maxY: number; Maybe we need to use other properties, but I've been using minX/minY for a long time already.
  14. Hello, I've created a projects slider with interactive draggable projects menu. The snipped runs bi-directionally - if you scroll through projects it uses scrollTrigger to update the projects menu, and in reverse - if you click items in the menu, it scrolls the website to the chosen project. The problem is with the draggable projects menu, it works great on desktop and on android firefox, however in Android Chrome and on native Samsung Browser the links don't always work. It changes colour, as if the hover event fired, however touch/click doesn't register. I've tried adding Draggable setting of minimumMovement up to 20, but it doesn't help, and once I touch the link it visibly moves a few pixels so it seems like the dragging overpowers the click/tap. Please check out the codepen example in Android Chrome in landscape mode. (Sorry for the messy code, it had to be extracted from a bigger code). Thank you in advance
  15. Hi all, Looking for a hand or some advice if possible. I've created this codepen (below) and it works well enough when you drag the content horizontally but I would also like to be able to scroll with the mouse through the content, very much like the functionality of this website - https://antoni.de/cases/ I'm fairly new to Javascript and certainly GSAP, so any input is much appreciated. Thanks Jon
  16. Hi everyone, Thanks again for the amazing tools, I am a long term user now and still amazed everyday by the gsap platform ♥️ I am trying to completely stop the dragging and tweens of a Draggable instance when clicking on a button in order to move the dragged item programmatically and prevent jumps. I use the endDrag function, but when the draggable instance is configured to use inertia and snaps, it always complete the snap first no matter what. How can I be sure that every tween is stopped when using endDrag(), even the inertia related ones? I can create a codepen if it is not clear enough. Thank you for your help.
  17. altaircena


    Hi, I've got some Qs, I wanna create a draggable slider in react like in "http://robinmastromarino.com" and as I was checking the forum, I got confused about the algorithm and also, as I added and tried some of code instances, it didn't work. I use gsap module itself, not react-gsap. plz help
  18. Hi All, I created a JS class that uses the Draggable plugin. Once I added a second slider to the codepen, it will only drag on the first slider. I checked the documentation and gave each one an id just to be sure. The strange part about it's when I try to drag the second slider. It moves the first one instead the the second. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong when creating my Draggable.create() on line 214?
  19. dkolb5

    Draggable Slider

    Hi All, I'm having two issues with my current pen: • The draggable bounds don't seem to be working correctly. I'd like them to stop at the min and max. I've tried them as a query-able element or as an object (maxX, minX). • My proxy element is moving and affecting the drag space when it moves. Here's the pen I've been trying to emulate in gsap 3. This one is written in gsap 2: https://codepen.io/GreenSock/pen/JawEyN
  20. Hello Greensock team ! I tried to achieve what i want before posting here, but finally need some help... Basically, I'd like to be able to drag a Pixi container with the Draggable plugin and inertia. Also note that the container is wider than the canvas, so have to correctly set the bounds. I tried with a proxy but can't figure out how to sync the container position with the proxy one. Any suggestion or example ? Thank you !
  21. I am incorporating some basic draggable functionality into a web banner and was wondering if there was an easy way to disable the "toss" ability. I have some text that is animating based on user interaction and i was hoping there was an easy way to just turn this ability off. I can refactor my work into a pen if that makes it easier but i thought it might not be necessary. Thanks in advance!
  22. Hi! I have a problem using draggable plugin with DrawSVG plugin. I have a clock which I can drag to move hands. When I release (dragend), a timer is starting. But if I want to update timer when timer is in progress, I can't reset svg. So more I update, more the svg decreases quicky. Do you have any idea? Thx a lot I'm sorry i don't know how to import libs on codepen... :/
  23. I keep getting a lot of questions asking about creating sortable lists with Draggable, so I'm just going to make a post about it. My sortable grid example is outdated, and I no longer use that technique, so I'm not going to update it. It relies on hit testing, which I would no longer recommend doing for grids/lists. A better way is to create a model of your list, and map the location of your draggable to that model. This is real easy to do using arrays. You can use the index of an array to represent a cell location in the grid. Draggable already creates an array for you if you use the .create() method, so you could use that if you really wanted to. But first you need to figure out the size of the cells in your list. If everything is uniform, you could probably just divide the size by the number of items in that dimension. If my list is 400px high, and there are 4 elements, the cell size for a row is 100. Notice how the cell size may not be the same size as your element. The cells are in red. When you drag, you can figure out the index of a cell like this. var index = Math.round(this.y / rowSize); This can result in errors if you drag outside of your list, so you should clamp the values like this. var index = clamp(Math.round(this.y / rowSize), 0, totalRows - 1); function clamp(value, a, { return value < a ? a : (value > b ? b : value); } Now you can easily determine where everything is. You also need to keep track of the last index, and compare it to the index you calculate while dragging. If they are different, this means your draggable is inside a different cell, so you need to update your layout. Before you can change the layout, your first need to change the items in your array. Here's a function you can use to move stuff around in an array. arrayMove(myArray, oldIndex, newIndex); function arrayMove(array, from, to) { array.splice(to, 0, array.splice(from, 1)[0]); } Now that your array is in the correct order, you can update the layout. If you were using an array of draggables, you could animate the entire layout like this. myArray.forEach((draggable, index) => { if (!draggable.isDragging) { TweenLite.to(draggable.target, 0.4, { y: index * rowSize }); } }); That's pretty much it! Doing it this way is not only easier, but it performs a lot better, making it really smooth. I made a demo based off of this Framer.js example. It's about 100 lines of code, and is pretty easy to understand. For comparison, The Framer.js example is about 180 lines of code.
  24. Hi, guys! I'm wondering if there is a way to move an element without the need to hover the cursor on the draggable element? Thank you!
  25. I've a draggable bar, which can be drag horizontally. What I want to do is, on page scroll Is it possible to trigger draggable event to drag? Or is there any other way to achieve this. I already posted this question in StackOverflow but didn't get any response, So if someone could help me on this that would be appreciated.