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Found 1 result

  1. Hi, Folks. First of all, thank you so much for all these years. You rock! I am trying to make a "slider" that goes through a path made by bezier curves. My first attempt was build the animation and controll it with TimelineMax. So, when I click and drag an area I want to control a div through this curve. So, my first problem: I do not know how to take the path that BezierPlugin made internally and draw it on canvas. I know there is the method BezierPlugin.bezierThrough. It returns an Object with two Arrays, x and y. But inside these Arrays the objects have the properties a, b, ba, c, ca, d, da and I do not know how to use them to draw the path into canvas (I always used the quadraticCurveTo method and it accepts 4 parameters. Probably this is just a simple matter of understanding how those properties work together to define the right curve points of the path. The last problem Of course, make a simple drag/drop in a linear percentage will not sync the DIV animated with my mouse position. Here is where I am a bit lost: how can I sync the position of the DIV with my mouse coordinate? Like a "curved horizontaly scroll". Thank you for your help.