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Found 6 results

  1. Hi! I have two videos on the timeline: After some seconds of the playing of the second video, it calls dispose() of the first one. But the dispose free the memory from the first one so fast that the play of the second video gives a small "bottleneck" in playback at the time of the dispose(). A "bottleneck" of half a second, but ideally it would not "bottleneck" anything and the playback would be 100% fluid. Is there a way of the dispose() free the memory more slowly? Thanks a lot.
  2. I am wanting to be sure that I am going about cleaning up a TimelineMax completely. Can you please review and let me know if this code leaves anything straggling or is otherwise in need of improvement? this.timeline.clear( true ); this.timeline.eventCallback( 'onComplete', null ); // : Function this.timeline.onCompleteParams.length = 0; // : Array this.timeline.onCompleteScope = null; // : Object this.timeline.eventCallback( 'onRepeat', null ); // : Function this.timeline.onRepeatParams.length = 0; // : Array this.timeline.onRepeatScope = null; // : Object this.timeline.eventCallback( 'onReverseComplete', null ); // : Function this.timeline.onReverseCompleteParams.length = 0; // : Array this.timeline.onReverseCompleteScope = null; // : Object this.timeline.eventCallback( 'onStart', null ); // : Function this.timeline.onStartParams.length = 0; // : Array this.timeline.onStartScope = null; // : Object this.timeline.eventCallback( 'onUpdate', null ); // : Function this.timeline.onUpdateParams.length = 0; // : Array this.timeline.onUpdateScope = null; // : Object this.timeline.tweens.length = 0; // : Array this.timeline = null; Thank you for any guidance you can give me.
  3. Hi guys, So i've made a draggable object that looks like a top down view of a tire, it has a blitmasked artwork mc inside, this mc wraps so that when you drag it gives the illusion of the tire rolling. That all works fine but i want the user to be able to switch between a few styles of tires by changing to a new frame of the artwork mc like so: blitMask.dispose(); artworkMc.gotoAndStop(whichTire); artworkMc.x = 0; blitMask = new BlitMask(artworkMc,-artworkMc.width/2,-artworkMc.height/2,artworkMc.width,artworkMc.height,false,false,0,true); some of the tires are different sizes so i was hoping stating 'artworkMc.width' would get that information, but the mask is staying the original size. Also is seems that the artwork of the original tire frame is still in the background behind the new frame. I reckon it's more a problem with my logic than anything else but if anyone can throw me some pointers that'd be great! Thanks
  4. I'm having trouble in a project in which there's a file queue on a LoaderMax instance, and every time the user clicks in another menu area I'd have to imediatly stop all the loaders in this queue, except one, which would be used in the area the user clicked. I've tried calling `prioritize' giving said item as parameter, but it seems LoaderMax is finishing the current download before starting the prioritized item. Is that possible? By the way, I've tried every possible method (i.e. cancel, unload, pause, dispose), and in every attempt the current downloading file finished loading. P.S.: Simulating a low connection (1MB) on Charles and, using video with this sample: http://www.greensock.com/as/LoaderMax_Demo_Source.zip The download persists with two or more connections.
  5. Hi, I'm trying to find a solution for my loading concept: I have several pages, each loading a video. When I leave a page I call dispose() on the VideoLoader to stop the loading process. The problem is, when I call dispose without "true" my network analyser shows that the video is still loading data from the server. When I pass in true, the loading stops but also removes the video from cache. Is it possible to really stop the loading and at the same time don't clear it from cache ? Thanks, Oliver
  6. Hello, and thanks for reading. I'm making a video player that continuos play clips from a playlist and I would like to dispose the video after playing it. I can't configure autoDispose:true because I still need it for some seconds when the next video is playing, this is the code I'm trying: //add cuepoint var oldVideo:Number = _videos.indexOf(_currentVideo) - 1; _currentVideo.addASCuePoint(1, "removeVideoCP", {n:oldVideo}); //..... // get message from cue point if (event.data.name == "removeVideoCP") { var _videoID:Number = event.data.parameters.n; //_videos:Array of VideoLoaders _videos[_videoID].dispose(); trace(_videos[_videoID].name); // this still traces "clip1" } Any idea? Thanks a lot for your help.