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Found 2 results

  1. Hello , I managed to find solution to drag content of TextBox up and down but its not stable . once you hold down the scroll-bar and start dragging its working but if u leave the scroll and try to do it again its not working Can i use GreenScok draggable to do that professionally ? I really feel sad i bought green-sock membership thinking that draggable will work fine but its been few days no success this is the example code i hope someone with experiance can guide me how to drag content inside Movie Clip at the stage using same concept " am using Adobe animate cc Canvas Project is attached . --- tl = this; createjs.Touch.enable(tl); linesOfTextF(200); function linesOfTextF(n){ for(var i=0;i<n;i++){ tl.TextBox.text += 'this is line '+i+'\n'; } } paramF(0, 48, 146-20 , 48+146-tl.TextBox.getBounds().height); function paramF(x1,y1,x2,y2){ tl.m = (y1-y2)/(x1-x2); tl.b = y1-tl.m*x1; } //this tl.sb.thumb.addEventListener('mousedown',startdragF); function startdragF(e){ stage.addEventListener('stagemousemove',dragF); stage.addEventListener('stagemouseup',stopdragF); } function stopdragF(e){ stage.removeEventListener('stagemousemove',dragF); } function dragF(e){ if(e.stageY>=48 && e.stageY<=48+146-20){ tl.sb.thumb.y=Math.floor(e.stageY-tl.sb.y); tl.TextBox.y = Math.floor(tl.m*tl.sb.thumb.y+tl.; } } --- Thanks test2.zip
  2. I am just starting to use LiquidStage and have been able to get it to do most things that I need, but I have buttons placed at the bottom right corner of a DataGrid. The buttons need to move when the DataGrid changes in height. This change in height often occurs because the number of rows being displayed changes. I have used a DynamicPinPoint to return the bottom right corner of the data grid, and this works very well when the window is resized, but if the DataGrid content changes the DynamicPinPoint function is not getting called. Is there something I can do with a resize event when the content in the DataGrid changes? The following is my DynamicPinPoint code: addChild(associateBtns); var assocCorner:Point = associateGridCorner(); associateBtns.x = assocCorner.x - associateBtns.buttonsWidth; associateBtns.y = assocCorner.y + 5; var assocPoint:DynamicPinPoint = new DynamicPinPoint(this, associateGridCorner); assocPoint.attach(associateBtns); ======= private function associateGridCorner() : Point { var botX:Number = associateGrid.x + associateGrid.width; var botY:Number = associateGrid.y + associateGrid.height; return(new Point(botX, botY)); }