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Found 2 results

  1. Hi guys, sorry that I have to ask but I'm always running in the same issue. Don't want to disturb you guys by saying I'm a newbie..but actually I am. I started by taking the horizontal scroll container codepen demo of Greensock and integrate a grid overlay in the second container. It works, but after the grid container there is a white space which is not wanted and the last sections width gets broken. I realy don't get why, could you pls give me an explanition and help me to solve the white space issue? Further I want that fire an scroll animation when the container is in viewport, tried this with the following lines but it doesn't work. The goal should be that the view autoscroll to the end of the section for the first step and then scroll backwards to middle (50%) of the same section. I integrated the ScrollToPlugin so I don't know what I forgot - if you recognize the reason pls let me know. let tl = gsap.timeline() .to(redContainer, {duration: 2, scrollTo: () => "+=" + document.querySelector(".red").offsetWidth}); Thanks a lot guys!
  2. I was wondering if I can horizontally scroll through an image gallery with css grid using scrolltrigger? I would like to scroll using my own custom scrollbar, and or be able to scroll horizontally using the mousewheel through the gallery! Also, if possible have it loop where it goes back when I scroll past the last images back to the first images of the grid that would be a plus! Most importantly let there be no visible default scrollbar shown! I see so many tutorials focusing on flexbox and or 1 page sliders where each child element of the parent div is on another slide, but that won't work as I have my gallery in a 3 x 3 layout instead of a 1 x 9 layout. Also, I have seen tutorials with gsap + scrollmagic but I would rather not use scrollmagic if I don't need to with scrolltrigger. Would love and appreciate the help! I am still pretty new to javascript & GSAP in general, but I have looked through so many tutorials, downloaded plugins, etc. and nothing has really worked for me to the point where I feel like I can move on, especially when I know most of what I am looking for is on websites like this http://www.jeanhelfenstein.com/