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Found 3 results

  1. Hi All, I'm brand new to GSAP, Animate CC and this forum and I greatly appreciate this learning resource and any help you can offer. I'm posting to this forum because I understand many of you are using GSAP + Animate like I am. I need to play, then reverse tweens using clicks (one click plays tweens and the next reverses them). Not sure if this is TMI but here's my code that currently does the first part of that. (Don't laugh.) That code works in my Animate frame script. But I posted to the GSAP forum to get help reversing those tweens upon click. PointC created this helpful codepen (http://codepen.io/PointC/pen/bgyoMg/) that accomplishes exactly what I want to do...but I haven't been able to get his JS code to work in my Animate frame script like the above. One issue: He's using a div to receive the clicks ...which makes sense but I don't know how to achieve that when using Animate. Do I just let the stage receive the clicks? Aside from that, PointC's JS code works in a web page but seems not to work in my Animate frame script (due to my lack of knowledge about how to adapt it for Animate). Any insights? I can post my .fla file if needed. Thanks much!
  2. Hi All, Beginner here. I'm hacking code given to me on this forum by PointC. I need to know how to reverse the scaling/cross-dissolving in my codpen demo: http://codepen.io/pfash/pen/aprmxq ...by clicking on the red box a second time. IOW: you click on the red box once to have it dissolve into the blue box and scale up...and then you click on the red box again and it all goes in reverse. That second part is my question. NOTE: This demo is supposed to have the red box on top of the blue box (so the red color smoothly transitions into blue) but I didn't have time to figure that out for this codepen demo and it's not critical to my question. Another concern: the scaling up (zooming larger) and cross-dissolving is not as smooth as I expected it'd be. You can see the blue box flash a bit. Any ideas why? Thanks much!
  3. Hi, I'm brand new to GSAP. Learning a lot. I want to, at the same time, scale up and cross-dissolve two images when the user clicks on the first state of the image. I did this similar effect with JS and CSS here: http://bigbendhc.org/theUplink/karane-health-care-administration/ -mouseover or click on the arrow below his face. =================== Now I'm trying to do this effect using GSAP. I have scaled up the first state image up by doing this: ...But now I want to cross dissolve from myImage_state1 to myImage_state2 while the images are scaling up. Seems simple but not sure how to fit that into the function. Thanks much!