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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, I'm struggling with controlling animation in Vue 3. At the beginning everything is ok and I can freely control animation as usual. The problem starts when the animation completes. The behaviour of the controls is very odd. Sometimes it jumps to some specific time that I could not figure out why. Restarting, playing, disposing and creating a new tween from scratch does not solve the issue either. Could it be an issue with Vue reactivity that doesn't update DOM? I've made a minimal Vue component example with GSAP methods hooked into buttons for control. EDIT: Just found out that it works properly with `.to()`, it's the `.fromTo()` that has this issue EDIT 2: Looks like Vue doesn't render the animation after complete and only renders one "frame" from state at the time the button is clicked. Clicking "restart" after completion plays the animation in GSAP's internal state but doesn't render it until it gets paused and then resumed. Once resumed, only one frame is rendered
  2. I made this sweet rotator that I can put as many images into as I could ever want, but I am trying to add forward and back buttons. It's not going well. I tried this code for the forward button but I can't seem to figure out how to add a 30 second pause before restarting the animation. rightBtn.click(function(e) { console.log( slideAnimating ); var btnIndex = rightBtn.index(this); if(!slideAnimating && btnIndex !== slideNumber) { timerFunction.pause(); nextSlide = btnIndex; changeSlide(); } }); Then the left button I want to play the animation in reverse to get the last image that was designated currentSlide and nextSlide to move backwards, wait 30 seconds then go back to the normal flow. Any help would be greatly appreciated.