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Found 5 results

  1. Hello Everyone. I hope you are doing well. I have a problem with the container text. All I want static text with switchable text, and I already implemented this static text with switchable text vertically, but the container width does not fit to text and does not work for every size(black container). Could anybody help me with that? Thanks. https://codesandbox.io/s/agitated-dewdney-mkwvkj
  2. Hi, I am new to GSAP. Hence I need to know how to integrate GSAP to PIXI.Container. Basically, I need to move the container out of focus by -GAME_WIDTH Like, TweenMax.to(container.position, 1, {x:-GAME_WIDTH}); Thank you.
  3. Hello Yup thats right its back to the days of Flash for me. Flash and chocolate cookies: I'm using VideoLoader in a service class. Once the video loaded I wan to add the video tot he display list in a different class (It's a robotleg project). Now I guess I could in my service class create a container sprite and in my initialization include it without adding that container to stage and then once the video is loaded I pass that container as payload via my event to > mediator > to my Video view where I add it to stage. Or is there another way? I base this question on the fact that you usually include a container : //create a VideoLoader var video:VideoLoader = new VideoLoader("assets/video.flv", {name:"myVideo", container:this, width:400, height:300, scaleMode:"proportionalInside", bgColor:0x000000, autoPlay:false, volume:0, requireWithRoot:this.root, estimatedBytes:75000}); //start loading video.load(); Snoop, ".S"
  4. Hello, I'm running into an issue with z-index when animating a container that has a button in it. See codepen: I want to animate the #containerDiv. Inside is a #buttonDiv with a z-index of 2000 so it's at the very top. Problem: As soon as the parent div gets animated (by clicking the #buttonDiv) the z-index changes and the #blueBox gets moved to the top. How can I keep the button at the top without changing the order of the divs in the HTML? I know when a div has no z-index when animated, it automatically gets "0". So in this case it will move the #containerDiv (incl. the button) back, behind the blue box. I just wonder if there is any way to avoid this and keep the original order. Any help would be great!
  5. Hello, I'm a Draggable/GSAP newb... I've been playing around with it to see if it meets a requirement that I have for a project i'm working on. And basically what I'm trying to do is to start off with the draggable instances on the white div, but make the orange div the container, so that when a user drags the green or red squares they drag them from the white div to the orange div. Right now, if I set the draggables bounds to the orange div they start off on the orange div. Can anyone help me? Thanks.