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Found 9 results

  1. Have you ever been in a situation with GSAP where you needed a higher level of control over conflicting tweens? If you’re just creating linear, self-playing animations like banner ads, chances are the default overwrite mode of false will work just fine for you. However, in cases where you are creating tweens dynamically based on user interaction or random events you may need finer control over how conflicts are resolved. Overwriting refers to how GSAP handles conflicts between multiple tweens on the same properties of the same targets at the same time. The video below explains GSAP’s over
  2. Hi. We have a digital signage content editor with many widgets, and 2 of the widgets use gsap with jquery plugin, and we added another jquery plugin for a new widget (http://wowslider.com/), and a few of the features in that library didn't work, I was debugging for a long time when I found that it conflicts with the gsap jQuery plugin, more precisely the easings defined on the jQuery object, for example jQuery.easing.easeInOutExpo, because the easings share the same name in both libraries, but they work differently, the variable has different function references in the two libraries. Currently
  3. hey there. this is my first topic here. so first of all thanks for such a great plugin. here I'm using gravity form plugin. but when I check a checkbox I'm receiving this error Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'step' of null I will appreciate any help Regards Mohsen
  4. $(".iSmall, .shrink").on("click", function() { if (circle.reversed()) { circle.play(); } else { circle.reverse(); } }); Regarding above ^ Where and how do you add in a line to kill the hover to start the click? The hover conflicts with the timeline... It seems this would be a very common issue since a majority of clickable links have hover effects, but I have found less material on this on the web than the career of Milli Vanilli. Maybe not that many links are actually the element that is animated. Also, I think it must be done differently with tweens and timel
  5. TommyD

    Multiple TweenMax

    Hi, I'm developing a Wordpress plugin which make use of your great library. As you can imagine other developers do the same and this could generate conflicts using multiple installations of TweenMax. I've followed what you suggested here: http://greensock.com/forums/topic/9881-avoid-multiple-loaded-tweenmax-and-tweenlite/ But I keep having problems. There's another plugin which includes TweenMax in this way: var oldgs = window.GreenSockGlobals; var oldgs_queue = window._gsQueue; var my_gs = window.GreenSockGlobals = {}; // your library here.. try{ window.GreenSockGobals = null;
  6. Hi! I don't know whether these are bugs or not, (or i just didn't get the concept of the BezierPlugin properly) As you see on the pen, if in the properties object i add props like (x, top, rotationXYZ) after the bezier: {'x', 'top', autoRotation: true}, those will be ignored. But if i switch them, the BezierPlugin will be ignore the properties which are defined before the bezier: {}. Ok, it's probably the correct behavior but it would be cool to be able to combine these values like x and xPercent:) But as you see on the third example of the pen, the rotation parameter will be
  7. Hi once again. i've created my site and am using tweenmax&lite scripts alot and i'm loving it. My problem is; i've installed a plugin called Revolution slider and this slider has tweenmax embedded into it too. And a minor (but crucial) animation in my page is not animating as it suppose to on the page this slider is being placed in. The animation is site wide, footer show&hide which you can see easly from this page. http://goo.gl/VDQqNt (please click Expand to see link on the bottom). As you can see, the footer slides in the window is positioned on the bottom. Now please check t
  8. Hello, I was almost done building a site that relied a lot on TweenMax for animation and Interactivity. The site is buildt on Joomla. This morning after I upgraded from Joomla 3.14 to Joomla 3.2, all my scripts and animation based on Tweenlite and tweenmax stopped working!!! The site can be viewed http://www.intek.jp/index.php This is an older version of the same site when everything was still working fine. http://www.inflowmotion.net/intek/ja/business-domain-jp/sensor-jp/application-jp/parking-jp.html Any idea what could cause the conflict or how to debug this kind of problem? Tha
  9. Hi guys, I'm running into an issue that I can't seem to sort out and I'm wondering if anyone has bumped into this before. I have a simple staggerTo firing on page load to fade in a grid of thumbnails. Here's the code: TweenMax.staggerTo('.thumbnail', 3, {alpha:'1', delay:0.2},0.1); Here's the page: http://skyline.thisisstatic.com/press.php The fading animation appears to start, then hangup momentarily, and then quickly fast forward through the rest of the animation sequence. It seems like there's a JS or CSS conflict happening somewhere, but for the life of me I can't uncov