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Found 1 result

  1. I'm trying to disable all animations in mobile viewport. I'm using enquire to detect and init animations depending on screen size. And Scrollmagic for scroll based animations. I disabled scrollmagic controller in mobile viewport. All scenarios work perfectly except one. In the event where the user starts from a deskstop and resizes to a mobile viewport, the element doesn't get trigger since properities are already applied. For example, an element has autoAlpha: 0, then in mobile viewports -> controller gets disabled -> autoAlpha is still applied and doesn't run. This is intended behaviour but is there a clear all properties for all tweens? Currently, I'm using one of these two methods. First method I put transform: none !important or opacity in css using mobile media query, depending on what tween properties I'm using. Second method I use $('*[style]').removeAttr('style'); to get all elements with style attribute and remove the inline styles. I'm just curious if this is advisable? Both works, but just thinking if there's a better approach that I'm unaware of.