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Found 7 results

  1. Hello all, Was wondering if anyone could shine some light on this issue i am having. Simply put, I am getting chopping animations when scrolling with a mousewheel on safari only. Every other browser the animations are smooth with a trackpad or mousewheel or even keyboard arows. On safari it works fine with a trackpad but not with a mousehweel. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance! Tas
  2. Hello guys, I am stuck in a really bad situation and cant find a solution of it. So what I am trying to achieve is that I want to play a video smoothly on scrollTrigger scrub but that is not happening. The video is playing very choppily. I have a created a minimal codesandbox for you guys to have a look https://codesandbox.io/s/gracious-sunset-0xsvr?file=/src/pages/index.jsx Please help me as I am stuck on this for 2 days Thanks
  3. Hi, testing on IE 11 I'm experiencing a really bad animation rendering. As you can see on the Pen, it is a deadly simple animation: one single div with an image scaling and translating. On Chrome it is perfectly fluid. On IE instead it is really choppy. I tried force3D both enabled and disabled: no changes. I'm on Win7 but a friend with Win8.1 confirmed to me the same result. Am I doing something wrong, or maybe do you know any hack / trick to solve this issue? Thanks
  4. Hi, I'm having some issues with some simple rotation animations in all browsers. They are inconsistently choppy and I do not understand why. I have done significantly more complex animations on other sites without any trouble, so I'm just puzzled as to what the issue is. You can view the animations here: http://guzu.looseygooseyart.com/home.php I am referring to the section that shows a box closing it's doors and then sliding off. At times it runs perfect and others not so perfect. My javascript for the animation is as follows: function Close_Doors(){ var anim_rotation = 135, anim_duration = 0.35, anim_easing = Power1.easeIn, anim_delay = 2.05; TweenMax.to('#left_door', anim_duration, { rotation:anim_rotation, transformOrigin:"bottom right", ease:anim_easing, delay:anim_delay, force3D:true }); TweenMax.to('#right_door', anim_duration, { rotation:-(anim_rotation), transformOrigin:"bottom left", ease:anim_easing, delay:anim_delay, force3D:true }); TweenMax.to('.package', 2, { delay:2.8, x:1000, ease:anim_easing, force3D:true }); } As you can see I am forcing 3d acceleration, which seems to be the "go to" solution throughout the forums.
  5. In codepen url: http://codepen.io/jackyon/pen/gKEBl all works normal. If I save the code as a independent file and opening in safari browser, the gasp animation become choppy, other browsers works normally. I don't know why this happened, is it the bug from safari, or from gasp? (mobile safari also have this issue.) issue url: http://cstory.cn/safari/ (choppy animation happened at 1st time when there is no images cache in your browser.) I used pxload js to preload the images. This is very weird issue. I am trying to figure out why for two days. plz help me! thx!
  6. Hello Greensock community, A small question that had me scratching my head late last night. I have a simple mobile slide-out menu on http://swizzy.gingersoulrecords.com/ (below 767 px browser width, trigger is in the upper left). If you use a desktop browser to narrow your browser and trigger the slide-out animation, it's smooth as butter...but on an actual mobile device (iPhone 4 in my case), it gets a little choppy as it has to 'push' the lorem ipsum down as it expands. Interestingly, if I get rid of the text and leave just the menu there, it has nothing to 'push down' by expanding and slides down perfectly with no choppiness. This may be due to my device being slow, but I'm thinking it's because Greensock has to do double duty - animating the transition of the target and then animating the 'push down' of the non-targeted content area. I tried adding the z(0.1) trick to kick for hardware acceleration, but that didn't seem to do much for me. Anyone want to open http://swizzy.gingersoulrecords.com/ on a mobile device and compare the slidedown animation performance with desktop? I may just design around this (I think a fixed, persistent nav is better for mobile anyways), but I imagine that one of my greensock animations will be 'pushing' content in the future, so I'd like some help understanding this. Thank you! Dave Bloom Ginger Soul Records
  7. Hello everyone, I need help here. I tried Greenshock's Tweenlite, but I found the animation appears "jumpy". I don't know what's wrong The file's attached. Here's the code of document class: package { import com.greensock.*; import com.greensock.easing.Back; import flash.display.MovieClip; /** * ... * @author */ public class Main extends MovieClip { public function Main() { TweenLite.to(box_mc, 3, { x:100, y:100, ease:Back.easeOut } ); } } } // (I used Flash CS 6 btw )