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Found 2 results

  1. It is not working properly. Let me explain here is code https://github.com/mishangoti/scroll-component here is video explanation of the issue https://www.awesomescreenshot.com/video/2250268?key=4b667fca8dbad42e89d408e58a1b2034 1) what ever page route I refresh, animation on that page work very good, but when I navigate to other route from that route it does not work properly, However if I refresh that route it works good but in other route it does not work as desired. I have given video link for more detail explanation. Please help me solve this issue, I can't solve it by my self. 2) when i switch route for few times all pages animation start working, but it did not work when i refresh and switch route at first time it did not work, then i switch routes few time than animation start working. Contact: https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=919429011743&text=HI&source=&data=&app_absent= Please contact me if you know the solution.
  2. Are you familiar with CodePen Challenges? In June 2020, GreenSock got to host it! We decided that it'd be fun to have a competition and give away 3 "Shockingly Green" Club GreenSock memberships each week! What is a CodePen Challenge? CodePen is a site where you can create and share small frontend web projects that you've made. You can also start with another person's creation and then modify it to become your own creation (this is called forking). Every month, CodePen hosts 4 weekly challenges with different themes. They host these challenges to help you improve your frontend skills, express yourself, and have some fun! How did this competition work? Every Monday this month, check the CodePen Challenges page for the new theme (you can sign up there for notifications too). Then make something based on that theme! It could be anything. Each week we will provide some different ideas to get you started, but you can create anything so long as it fits the challenge prompt that week. To submit entries to the competition, people tagged @GreenSock on Twitter along with a link to your pen. At the end of the each week, our panel of judges went through and pick their favorite pens that were created that week. The creators of the top 3 pens each week received a one-year "Shockingly Green" Club GreenSock membership on us! Who were the judges? Meet our lovely judges for the GSAP CodePen Challenge Competition (you should follow them!): Aaron Iker Adam Kuhn Annie Liew Cassie Evans Chris Gannon Craig Roblewsky Jhey Tompkins Lisi Linhart Louis Hoebregts Lynn Fisher Olivia Ng Pete Barr Shaun Gorneau Steve Gardner Tom Miller Una Kravets What's this week's challenge? Unfortunately the CodePen Challenge competition is over. But you're free to follow the same challenge prompts to inspire you to create something! We'd still love to see it. You can view all of the challenge prompts on CodePen. The winners Week 1: Sequencing Congratulations to our week one (sequencing) winners: Benoît Wimart, Sicontis, and Cristobal Garcia! Be sure to check out the rest of the submissions. modulofont Sequencing (Mom’s Diner) .cCmsCategoryFeaturedEntry .cBlackContent a { text-decoration: none; } html[dir="ltr"] .ipsGrid_span4:nth-child( 3n+1 ) { margin-left: 2.127659574468085%; } Taika cruising through La Gran Sabana Week 2: Bubbling Congratulations to our week two (bubbling) winners: Louise Flanagan, Oscar Salazar, and Wendy Kong! We had to bring in an extra judge to break ties because the voting was so close so be sure to view all of the submissions as well. Bubbly Bath Bubbles Bunny Breathing Exercise Week 3: Sliding Congratulations to our week three (sliding) winners: Oscar Salazar, Wendy Kong (both are winners two weeks in a row! Very impressive.), and ycw! You can view all of the submissions here. Slash GSAP Penguin Blue Room Week 4: Scrolling Congratulations to our week four (scrolling) winners: supamike, Ismael Martínez, and Shunya! View all of the submissions here. 3D Banners Personal Page Underwater Scrolling Animation Thanks so much to all who participated. We couldn't have ran this competition without you!