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Found 1 result

  1. Hi I need some help from the forums' SVG savants, I'm using DrawSVG and MorphSVG to create a couple of animations, but I'm hitting a wall regarding the Morph SVG part of it. I draw a simple path and then animate the fill. The idea is to create a frame with some dynamic text inside, like this: Here's the pickle. Since the text is dynamic the frames on the has to be changed according to the height of the text container inside. For that I'll use MorphSVG, but I need to translate the points of these paths by a specific amount of pixels, which changes the entire scheme of the paths, ie, changes not only the points' positions but also the control points of the bezier curves as well. I using pathDataToBezier() I can get the paths and offset the points by a specific amount, but how can I get this bezier with the new array of points and turn it back to an SVG path that I can use in the MorphSVG Plugin?, like in the codepen sample. PS: Is really odd to be on the other side of a thread