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Found 2 results

  1. GSAP noob over here... and loving it so much! I was just wondering if anyone has established beautify setups to share? I've grown accustomed to using the order of CSS properties I stole from Bootstrap and the OCD in me is itching for something similar in GSAP. eg for CSS order of properties: 1) Positons (absolute, top, left, z-index etc) 2) Box-model (block, padding, margin, etc) 3) Layout (flex & grid type of stuff) And so on... It's worth noting for CSS I just used a feature in PHPStorm that allows you to create a list of the order you want. So I'm not sure if the same will be possible with GSAP. I guess I'm just asking out of interest for the most part.
  2. Sup guys, do you have something to get optimal formatter with gsap? With a prettier plugins or another formatters? Prettier is nice for react,jsx, but became weird with gsap chaining. What did you use ? any recommendation or special setting ? Example here, syntax became buggy, look gsap color, because it break lines for a reason i dont know ! Maybe a way to get something like this ? optimal space ! ```js gsap.to('.ActivityTab', 0.6, { opacity: 1, scale: 1, rotation: 0, y: '0%', ease: 'elastic.out(1.2, 0.75)', stagger: { from: 0, amount: 0.5, }, }).delay(0.5); ```