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Found 2 results

  1. I am using gsap as ticker director for pixi js, as per this example https://pixijs.io/examples/#/gsap3-interaction/gsap3-tick.js I noticed that when ios device is in low power mode fps drops to 30. After some research I believe it is normal behaviour as it is related to requestAnimationFrame throttling, however animations in my app look very very choppy. In vanilla pixi, we have delta exposed to make animations faster i.e. apixiApp.ticker.add((delta) => { container.rotation -= 0.01 * delta; }); Is there something equivalent I could add to gsap's ticker to ensure animations are sped up when fps is throttled? Here is full code of how gsap updates pixi ticker pixiApp.ticker.stop(); gsap.ticker.add(() => { pixiApp.ticker.update(); });
  2. So I have been having tons of fun with GSAP for the last month doing animations for an Mobile App Idea I've had for some time. I've used TweenMax and TimelineMax to create some really cool animations with SVGs in a hybrid mobile app using the ionic platform. I've searched the internet and have found lots of help getting started (especially in these forums) but I am not finding anything on battery performance. I ported a minimal version of my app over to my Iphone 6s Plus and was testing it. Everything was working great but then I realized that my battery life was draining fast. I mean 5% in 1 minute. I looked at the diagnostics in Xcode and it was because of the heavy GPU usage. I am going to try using TweenLite and TimelineLite for all those animations that I can but will that decrease battery usage? What have you guys done in your apps to decrease battery usage with GSAP? Or am I using the wrong technologies for what I want to accomplish? Thanks ahead of time!