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Found 24 results

  1. Hi, I'm looking to find an elegant and simple way to preview html5 banners for clients. The situation is that we have Project Managers running multiple projects each with different developers, and they need a common way to show the client work-in-progress, ideally with our company brand. Instead, so far I've seen HTML files either hand coded our output to HTML using Swiffy, which each produce a full html file. I am looking for something simple that a PM can get from a developer and either drop-in or upload to a tool like Wordpress, so they can easily create a preview page with multiple ba
  2. Hi everyone, Please i need to know if Dynamic (feed driven) Google DoubleClick banners can be hand coded and not created using Google Web Designer. If so does anyone have any base templates to start from. I hand code everything using GSAP and i just want to inject the data using Javascript and not be tied down to Google Web Designer. I am willing to pay for Live Online training for someone who can help me with this or even doing builds in Google Web Designer and adding custom code. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks Brad
  3. Hi there! Im looking for a professional to start a partnership. I have a demand of a new customer that needs a Full Stack Developer that are very skilled in Greensock and/or Adobe Animate. This project will be for a world known company that leads his market, so its a great opportunity. At this moment we need two person to deal the amount of work we will have if we got this contract. The customer said about 150 projects a month. I'd like to be very clear about all details. This is a project in building step, and I need your help to make it happens
  4. I am a freelance banner animator with ~12 years experience in advertising and over two years of HTML5 specific experience. I have used the GSAP for years, ever since TweenNano allowed very small Flash banners to be developed. My updated portfolio is located at mikehopkinsmm.com, and my LinkedIn profile. My rate is $45 per hour.
  5. Note: This page was created for GSAP version 2. We have since released GSAP 3 with many improvements. While it is backward compatible with most GSAP 2 features, some parts may need to be updated to work properly. Please see the GSAP 3 release notes for details. See the Pen HTML5 Banners - blog post big by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen. The results are in...and there is clearly a lot of frustration and confusion out there regarding the urgent shift from Flash to HTML5 in banner ads. Thanks to everyone who participated in the survey. Your thoughtful and rather passionate feedback was i
  6. Hello There , Swedish London based Rich Media Banner Developer & Designer, with over a decade of experience of building banners for a wide range of clients. Canvas or no canvas? No problem. Greensock or Pixie? Can do. Story-boarding needed? Yes. Video? You bet! Interactive Javascript or image slider? Consider it done! Can work over Zeplin or WeTransfer, whatever you prefer. A codepen sample of my work: https://codepen.io/ThomasJames/pen/RXQrzp Some of the companies I worked with: WWF, Wunderman Ogilvy Gamesys, TBWA\Copenhagen, MRM Meteorite, M
  7. I’m looking for talented developers with high animation skills. I work for an agency specialized in developments of campaigns for big brands. These are good examples of the quality we are looking for: https://bannerboy.com/brain/?post=converse-chuck2-knit-320x480 https://bannerboy.com/brain/?post=google-gsp16-bike-300x250 https://bannerboy.com/brain/?post=duracell-gamer-halo-300x250 For more information please send me an email here with your portfolio. thanks!
  8. Just thought I'd share some banner examples from my day-job https://www.andyfoulds.co.uk/banners/html5_banners/ Reckon every one has GSAP to thank to some extent! Andy___F
  9. Hey guys, i'm doing an add for a client and I can't seem to get the tween to animate at all. The images just appear on the canvas and stay static. Here's my code: var tl = new TimelineMax({repeat:1, repeatDelay:3}); tl .add("scene1"); .set(this.text2.mc, {alpha:0}); .set(this.text3.mc, {alpha:0}); .set(this.vendor.mc, {alpha:0}); .set(this.blueBG.mc, {alpha:0}); .from(this.text1.mc, 3, { scale:"0.75", alpha:0, ease: Power1.easeIn }, "scene1"); .add("scene2", 3); .to(this.BG.mc, 3, { scale:"0.875", alpha:0, ease: P
  10. Hi I have a very strange thing occurring that is happening in a live environment. I have created a couple of banners with greensock that play fine by themselves, but when there are more than a couple on a page and you scroll to them, it seems to mess them up, they get all funky in the way they load or run the animations. Like I said, run individually they seem fine, but it's just when you scroll on an page to them, that for some reason they seem to start acting erratically. In this instance it seems they have used the same ad three times, but you can see wha
  11. Hi, I have been using Google Web Designer for a while, I hate it. It's clunky and to do simple animations takes for too long. I would rather just use GS. I am looking for some advice or even a sample file to show what chunks of code we need from google to make a hand-coded banner work with google (the click tag etc). As GWD does this and their documentation is AWFUL some pointers would be appreciated. It will take some convincing the other people in the ad team but I think if we setup a template and got it through QA it would be a much better way to go.
  12. Hey guys, Does anyone know if Amazon allows a CDN link to GSAP for banners that go on their website or does it have to be included within the banner?
  13. Please help us gauge if it would be worthwhile to get more involved with creating some products / services for banner developers. Perhaps that would be templates, videos, podcast new tools for fancy effects…we're not sure. Our goal is to better understand the needs out there and see if we can address the pain points, perhaps with a partner of ours who has a ton of knowledge in the banner ad space. http://goo.gl/forms/2ZZ3c3vzRt Please take a few minutes and fill it out; be as brutally honest as possible. If you want to chime in with other ideas that aren't mentioned, that's total
  14. Hi I think a project I will be doing soon will require the drawSVG plugin to animate an svg path. I know that this is a benefit of the GSAP membership and the files are downloaded from the member area. What i would like to know is the drawSVG plugin an additional js file that will need to be included in the creative and therefor its file size or is it included in the file size exclusions that GSAP generally benefits from. thanks
  15. Can anyone let me know the file size of each plugin of the Club Greensock files? Most importantly, the new MorphSVGPlugIn released today (Dec 22)? I am considering buying, but I need to know if they are small enough to use in my banners.
  16. Hi all, I read many posts about loop animation and I manage to make one to work, but I believe there is a better way to do it, so if you can have a look and this demo http://codepen.io/anon/pen/ojJEmx and let me know how to make it better it will be great. Kind regards, Fernando Fas
  17. Hi all, This is a basic question that I've yet to find answered... how do site administrator's implement GSAP banners? I've prepared a test banner file set, based on the example banners on Greensock's site, and the administrator is unsure how to use it. What are the best practices for serving GSAP banners? Thanks!
  18. Just sharing this if anyone hasn't got an email from DC yet. They're doing a series of hangouts on getting to grips with HTML5 Banner creation: https://support.google.com/richmedia/answer/1343040#hangout?utm_medium=email&utm_source=email&utm_campaign=h5-hoa-series-dclk-mktng-email-studio-cert&utm_content=h5-hoa-series You should see a series of events that you can join from HTML5 Immersion, How to QA, Hand Coding and Advanced GWD. Google+ Page: https://www.google.com/+DoubleClickRichMediaTraining YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8aEkSJJF_21nKrpJUA
  19. Hi everyone! This is my first post but I've lurked in the GreenSock community for over 5 years. I have a pretty large campaign coming up that requires both HTML5 and Flash banners (same creative across both platforms using GSAP) and am trying to figure out the best workflow. Would it make sense to export the units from Flash to HTML 5 or do the HTML 5 units from scratch (in a text editor)? I ask this because I've never used Flash's JS export and have no idea how efficient it is. My main concern is the files will be bloated - the file max for the HTML units is zipped 100k. Any insight on Flash'
  20. Does anyone have a preferred method for making sure that everything that's supposed to be hidden when the banner loads is actually hidden? I've had a recurring issue where sometimes, there's a quick flicker of all the hidden text/graphics before the animation kicks in. Currently, everything's fading in using .from autoAlpha:0, and it usually works, but is there something that's more bulletproof? Thanks!
  21. I've been working on learning GSAP in anticipation of doing some banners. The basic idea is to hide all text boxes, then sequentially Tween their opacity and position with some Easing effects. Here's a small example: <div style="width:750px; height:90px"> <div class="box" id="first"><p>some text here</p> </div> <div class="box" id="second"><p>some text here</p> </div> <div class="box" id="third"><p>some text here</p> </div> The CSS2 method of hiding elements was either: .box { display:none: }
  22. Working on some small animated banners. Just wondering what the optimal GSAP setup might be in terms of balancing a decent animation feature set and the overall size of the files output. I've looked around a bit, but there doesn't seem to be much practical advice. Ideas?
  23. Hello, I'm just getting into animating without the traditional timeline. I mainly worked on banner ads and was very efficient at creating dynamic ads within the tight constraints of 40-60k files. I'm quite nervous about what direction to take. I desperately want to start learning JS HTML5 animation but have a concern that I will run into many clients that need flash only. I felt the warm embrace (ease) of flash for too long. Now I feel I'm in the wild wild west again. A couple questions. 1. Can you develop JS and convert to flash if needed automatically? 2. I know JS and AS3 are clo
  24. Hello everyone, I have just launched a new website: http://html5maker.com It exports frame-based animations using TweenMax library. Currently only Move and Fade effects are supported but I plan to add more effects in future. Here are some templates that were done using html5maker. Waiting for your feedback and feature requests! Thanks!