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Found 11 results

  1. Hello, I'm very new to GSAP and am trying to figure out how to pause a tween on the hover of a specific div. The code for the auto scroll was corrected in a previous forum post, but I'm now trying to make this slight adjustment because the aforementioned div is a slider. So when the mouse hovers over this div, the animation needs to pause in order for the user to click through the slides. I'm not sure if I need to assign a timeline to my tween, etc. in order to accomplish this? I've tried to implement some examples from the docs, but nothing has worked; just wanting t
  2. I'm trying to implement an 'auto scroll' of sorts based on mouse movement/position. I'm new to GSAP; I'm hoping someone can point out my errors/help me to make this animation smoother and continuous? Adapted from: Additionally, here is the live (very rough) preview on my site: https://www.tessa.studio/portfolio Thanks in advance. Edit: The parallax effects on hover are, or at least appear to be, independent of my issues with the ScrollToPlugin... It's still laggy when I comment that portion of the script out. These effects are the reas
  3. Refer to the Codepen which is the autoscroll demo from GreenSock. First off, I am totally new to GreenSock. I love the smooth functionality of this right out of the box! I need some additional things for my app and I am hoping for some pointers to get me rolling in the right direction. (1) If you throw the green div and it flies out of view I want a corresponding button for that div (maybe in a top nav bar?) that will smoothly scroll the autoscroll area to bring that div back to the center of the screen. This will make it easy to find that "lost" element.
  4. Hello all, I just had a problem with iOS 10 Safari and the ScrollToPlugin, there are some changed that now will trigger the autoKill function. It has taken me more than a hour to realize that it was the autoKill function who stopped the animation. (iOS9 Safari didnt had this problem) Just for people with the same problem (I think almost everybody who is using ScrollToPlugin) for now just add "autoKill:false": TweenLite.to(window, 1, {scrollTo: {y:2000, autoKill:false}, ease:Power2.easeInOut}); Sorry for no Codepen but you can easily try it out with the Safari Developers Debug, just o
  5. Hi, Is there any way to change the 40px of margin for the autoScroll feature in Draggable to a higher value? My page has a toolbar that overlays the page, and the main content of the page has a permanent top side padding of the side of the toolbar. The problem is that due to this I need to drag the element under the toolbar in order to reach the edge and the autoScroll feature to kick in. Changing the 40px value to a higher number would fix this issue. Is it even possible to do so? Greetings and thanks. More info: https://greensock.com/docs/Utili
  6. Hi guys, i've been working with your Draggable library and got this issue: i've got an container which contains my draggable object i've got a input slider to zoom in/out my object zooming through CSS transform: scale() when zoomed in/out and dragging to autoscroll, my object will move away Any suggestion how to zoom in/out the object and using autoscroll without my object moving away of the mouse pointer? Thanks
  7. Hi, First, very nice plugin. I try to use GSAP draggable with the "autoscroll" option, but there is a problem when I scroll down a tile the position is not correctly updated. You can check in the following codepen demo : http://codepen.io/anon/pen/dMqvQx It's seems to me the problem come from the "position:absolute" in the .st-menu CSS style. If i remove this property the draggable autoscroll seems to work better. But i can't remove this attribute in my site because it broke my menu. Is there a workaround for this issue with the autoscroll option ? Thank you.
  8. Hello We are creating drag and drop website creator called ucraft.me and we are using GreenSock draggable. Everything is working except one thing. Our system is working like this: We have different areas where we can drop new objects. When dragging(and holding) is starting (on dragStart) the system must generate additional height of the page, which adds more scroll to my browser. Now we should be able to drop the held element on the top of the screen as well as on the bottom of the screen. As my page height was changed before, the bottom area is more down and is unreachable for me d
  9. Is there a built in option to auto-scroll the container of a draggable element when the draggable is moved beyond the container? I am currently hooking up to the onDrag event and doing thing based on Y pointer. I kinda get the result I want. But still curious if there was a default option provided or anyone else has done it better.
  10. Is there a possibility to drag the window as I drag elements around in a window? I mean, if the window is higher than what the browser can currently display, I need to scroll it down to reveal the rest of the page. I have encountered questions about scrolling a container for the actual Draggable element itself, which is not what I'm after - I simply need to scroll the whole window/document, as I'm not limiting the drag to a container. Thanks for any pointers you could give me here
  11. Hi guys, I need your help for a project of mine. Please check this website - http://suggestopediabg.com/presentation/. We use greensock here and you have to scroll to see the whole action. But many users may not understand what to do, so I need an autoscroll instead of manual user scroll. Is that achievable and if yes could you please provide me with a code. Thank you very much!