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Found 16 results

  1. Hi, Check out this new Greensock tutorial that shows how to create smaller, faster HTML5 ads from Adobe Animate with GSAP. http://www.fla-exporter.com/GreenSock-Tutorial-Smaller-Faster-HTML5-Ads-with-FlaExporter-and-Adobe-Animate/ Topics covered-- Using GreenSock with Adobe Animate (Flash) Using ActionScript (AS2 or AS3) or JS for HTML5 ads Automatically optimizing your assets with one click Working with clickTags Retina/High DPI asset setup Handle multiple exits on buttons with onClick Handle rollovers with onMouseOver/Out Call JavaScript on the page from timeline code in the FLA Sh
  2. I have created a TweenMax instance with an onComplete Callback in as2 using the scope parameter. Everything works fine. When I try to delete the eventCallback with instance.eventCallback("onComplete",null); it does not remove the callback. I also have tried the following, nothing works instance.eventCallback("onComplete",null,"onCompleteScope:this"); instance.eventCallback("onComplete",null,null,"onCompleteScope:this"); instance.eventCallback("onComplete",null,[],"onCompleteScope:this"); instance.eventCallback("onComplete",null,this); and so on... Nothing seems to work and actually remov
  3. I am getting all of these compile errors when I publish this code in Flash CS6, AS2, Flash Player 6. It works fine if i set the publish settings to Flash Player 9. Is tweenlite compatible with Flash Player 6? What can I do to make this work? I am trying to tween number variables. Heres the code: import com.greensock.*; import com.greensock.easing.*; addTen_mc.buttonMode = true; addTen_mc.useHandCursor = true; var score:Number = 5000; var targetScore:Number = 0; score_mc.score_txt.text = int(score); function showScore(){ trace(score); score_mc.score_txt.text = int(score); } addTe
  4. Hi all, I am relatively new to Greensock and thought I was going well but have hit a small challenge. I am trying animate the effect of a volume equalizer going up and down. To keep it looking as natural as possible i wanted to vary the heights that the levels rise to. However, when I run the below code it picks the last number that the function generates and then doesn't 'refresh' a new value when the loop repeats. Is there a way to call randomRange everytime the tween repeats? function randomRange(min:Number, max:Number):Number { var randomNum:Number = Math.floor(Math.random() *
  5. Hi all, I've searched and searched to no avail for help with my problem. I need to be able to pause some animations while others continue to play. And then resume them again when needed. And this needs to be done with TweenMax (I cannot use TimelineMax). And AS2. Ideally, there would be an easy way to create a function that I pass the movieclip location & whether or not it should be paused. Something sort of like this? public function pauseMC (MC:MovieClip, State:Boolean):Void{ if (State){ MC.pause (); }else{ MC.resume (); } } Thanks for any help! -Zach
  6. Hi MovieA.swf (contains no greensock classes at all) MovieB.swf (uses TweenMax) When i load MovieB.swf (online) from MovieA.swf (local) i get some warnings in the FlashEditor output. ( 3 x "MovieB.swf tried to access incompatible context "MovieA.swf") Using System.security.allowDomain("*") does not solve or affect the problem at all. Everything works as expected, i just wish to get rid of the warnings. I'm trying to streamline a small banner production framework for others/colleagues to use, and i'd rather have a "warning-free" setup =)
  7. Hi there! I have created an quite simple animation with tweens and everything plays fine, but only in the first round. When the clip repeats, in the following rounds parts of the animation don't show anymore. I found out in the forum that it must be a conflict between the tweens but could not figure out what I'm doing wrong, it's driving me crazy for hours now... Concrete problem description: In the repeat, parts of the animation (at the beginning of the clip, when the typewriting starts) are disappearing, it's around line 47 of the code. Can someone have a look at my files please,
  8. Hi - not sure what I'm doing wrong, but I've got an AS2 script here, and I'm building a sequence of tweens. All is well until I get to staggerTo - I am positive I'm giving it an array as its first property, but it keeps throwing a type mismatch. Here are the important bits: var introTl:TimelineLite; var btnsArr:Array; function init():Void { // activate TweenLight plugins TweenPlugin.activate([AutoAlphaPlugin, ScalePlugin, TintPlugin, RemoveTintPlugin]); // store the buttons in an array btnsArr = new Array(btn0, btn1, btn2); // play intro anim introAnim(); } function introAnim():
  9. I am getting a very odd result when using this code: import com.greensock.*; import com.greensock.easing.*; import com.greensock.plugins.*; TweenPlugin.activate([MotionBlurPlugin]); function init():Void{ mc._visible = false; doFrame1(); } function doFrame1():Void{ mc._visible = true; TweenLite.from(mc,.5,{_x:mc1._x, motionBlur:true,delay:2}); } init(); There is a jump that happens before the animation. This only occurs if I use another movieclip _x for the tweenlite, which I absolutely have to do. In the main version the other mc acts like a tracker. Any ideas?
  10. where can i finde some sample from useing plugin like blur in as2?
  11. Hi, I'm using TweenLite with a banner I'm making. It's for an adserving platform called flashtalking It gives me this warning when I upload Obviously, I don't want to TimeLine animate it. Is there a way of tricking it to make it stream? Thanks.
  12. Hi, Im just getting started and am excited about the prospect of a new door to flash. However, I am stumped right off the bat going through "Getting Started" for Tweenlite. I downloaded TweenLite for AS2. Created a test folder. Put the com folder inside. Created a test fla. I imported the classes as was instructed on the first frame of the timeline: import com.greensock.TweenLite; import com.greensock.*; import com.greensock.easing.*; TweenLite.to(poly_mc, 1.5, {x:100}); I created a polygon called poly_mc, and also named the instance poly_mc. I extended my timeline in the event it ne
  13. Hi, I would like to create a simple count-up from let's say 0 to 1000. I would also like to control about the time it takes to count up to that number and have a vertical blur effect applied, kind of like in an odometer. Is that possible in AS2? Thanks for any help, Dada
  14. Hi All, apologies if this has been asked before but it's causing me a headache. I am trying to provide a tween with variables (which are _x & _y coordinates) so here is my code: if (id == 1) { TweenLite.to(newPic,0.5,{_x:xcoordinate1, _y:ycoordinate1, onComplete:showText, ease:Circ.easeOut}); } else if (id == 2) TweenLite.to(newPic,1,{_x:xcoordinate2, _y:ycoordinate2, onComplete:showText, ease:Circ.easeOut}); { Where I know _x:xcoordinate1 are numbers. My problem is that when I run this code and toggle between these two tweens the values of the variables seems to b
  15. Hi, I am working on a flash training presentation including a number tweens which need to appear one after another, mainly texts and some photos flying in or fading out while trying to control the timing of the elements with delay property. I have noticed however that when "delay" used in conjunction with "onComplete" callbacks the delays are somewhat missing and not processed. So instead of delaying the start of the animation and then only do onComplete when it ends it seems like the script is disregarding the delay properties an proceeds immedeately with onComplete callback functions. Please
  16. Hi, I am having trouble restarting an animation. I have a function that I call when the the timeline gets to a movieclip but when I leave that section on the timeline and come back the functions do not restart they duplicate so that two sets of the same function are running at different times. function f_anim(){ TweenLite.from(pic0, 1, {_alpha:0, overwrite:0, delay:0.5}); TweenLite.from(pic0, 11, {_x:-100, _y:-40, _xscale:100, _yscale:100, overwrite:0, delay:0.5}); TweenLite.from(txtA1, 0.5, {transformAroundCenter:{_xscale:300, _yscale:300}, _alpha:0, blurFilter:{blurX:20, blurY:2