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  1. We utilize TweenLite and TimelineMax for multiple object tweens, mostly all producing a "from" animation from outside a specific overflow box (to provide the feel of entrance animation) We set our total timeline to run anywhere between the duration of 0s-10s, or 0s-20s and each of our tweens is anywhere within the range. For example: We play one of the tweens at 1250 MS which has a duration of .4s The second tween can play anywheres with similar timings, but different animations sometimes as well. Our system has 35+ predefined from -> to animations defined using names like slideInLeft, slideInLeftRotate, swayInLeft, etc.... When we put a second tween at a very close timing, 1260 MS, with a duration of .79s, we see a timeline overlap conflict, which doesn't occur when animations play exactly the same time. It occurs when we have an animation that is currently in progress, and one begins during the transition effect (from) and while it still plays. In the below codepen, it sort of occurs but in our version is stops rotating prematurely. http://codepen.io/jbevan2007/pen/PpMvEG?editors=0011 We set the element initially to relative "-=360" and then we run the from animation which has rotation "+=360" to bring us back to the starting point. This helps us in working through our animated objects which begin rotated with transform matrixes. I have attached some screenshots, before and during our animation.