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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, this is probably a dumb question, sorry if that's the case! I'm currently using wow.js and animate.css to add some movement to a site I'm working on. It's really easy to implement, i.e. if I want a div to fade in from the left (when you have scrolled down the page so that the div becomes visible on screen) I add the following:- <div class="wow fadeInLeft">some content here</div> It's so simple to impliment. I'm wanting to use scrollmagic and GSAP to add parallax to my website and wondered how easy it would be to use them to also replace my wow animations. I guess my question is.... is there a way I can add a class name to a div and get GSAP to animate it based on what the class name is. Cheers, Philip
  2. Hello guys! I need to know how to replicate this animation using GSAP only! I dont have any idea on how to achieve the animation from animate.css. If you have some suggestion please let me know. If you know how to do it please reply. I've used rotateZ but doesn't copy the animation! Here's the codepen link: http://codepen.io/Waren_Gonzaga/pen/rrmXNZ Regards, Waren
  3. Hello everybody! I am introducing my effort to clone/mimic the reusable animation from animate.css into greensock version. I am inviting everyone here to contribute to the project I've started on Github! First I would like to thank to the founders and administrators who helped me to understand the difference between animate.css and gsap in terms of animation. GreenSock is the one who has flexible building blocks to create amazing web animation. So yeah! Here we go I am now every masters and new user to contribute to my unofficial plugin! You can find the repo links and demo below! DEMO: http://warengonzaga.github.io/sites/animatecssplugin.html (Underdevelopment) GITHUB REPO: https://github.com/WarenGonzaga/AnimateCSSPlugin (Contribute Today!) OFFICIAL GROUP CHAT: https://tlk.io/animatecssplugin/ OFFICIAL BLOG: http://warengonzaga.com/blog/2016/09/20/animatecssplugin-js-gsap/ (Dead Link wait for further updates) ORIGINAL TOPIC: http://greensock.com/forums/topic/15082-best-way-to-use-gsap-with-animatecss/ Calling for @jonathan, @carl, and also @jack they are the GSAP Legends! Best Regards, Waren Gonzaga
  4. Hello everyone! I am trying to use GSAP with Animate.css to create flexible animation for banner ads. I know this is possible but I would like to know the best way to use GSAP + Animate.css to improve my coding. I've provided link for codepen! Any suggestion would be great! If you have experience with GSAP + Animate.css please comment here! What is Animate.css? --> a bunch of cool, fun, and cross-browser animations for you to use in your projects. Great for emphasis, home pages, sliders, and general just-add-water-awesomeness. Thanks GSAP Masters! HTML: <div id="circle"></div> CSS: #circle { width: 200px; height: 200px; background: #222; border-radius: 200px; } Javascript: window.onload = init; function init() { TweenMax.set("#circle", {alpha: 0, x: "+=100px", onComplete: a}); } function a() { TweenMax.to("#circle", 1, {delay: 1, alpha: 1, onStart: aa}); TweenMax.to("#circle", 1, {delay: 1.5, onStart: ab}); TweenMax.to("#circle", 1, {delay: 2, onStart: ac}); TweenMax.delayedCall(2, ad); } function aa() { $("#circle").addClass("animated wobble"); } function ab() { $("#circle").css("margin-left","100px"); } function ac() { $("#circle").addClass("animated bounce"); } function ad() { $("#circle").removeClass("animated bounce wobble") }
  5. Hi, I'm "converting" to GSAP, and I just can't seem to find anything regarding external use in any of the documentation. Please visit www.duwaynebrown.com to see what I have now. Since I don't see "typewriter" plugin under the tweens, I'd like to know if I would be able to create an instance in the timeline where it would call the typewriter() function ? Also, the h2, how would I "convert" that to tweening ?