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Found 3 results

  1. Hi there, I have the following SVG path data that I wish to use as a CustomEase. However, I think that CustomEase might not be properly normalizing this path: M16,350C17.6667,361.8333,18.2157,421,26,421 When pasted into the Ease Visualizer, this is the result: This SVG path data was generated by my new ae-ease-to-gsap-customease script, so it's possible that my script just hasn't generated the correct SVG path data. However, it certainly looks correct, which is why I'm currently suspecting that this might be an issue in CustomEase. Thanks for your time, Alex EDIT: For additional context, here's what this curve looks like in AfterEffects:
  2. This is a pretty cool example of how to combine AE to make buttons in flash http://www.gotoandlearn.com/play.php?id=67# They used some other tweener then greensock, but the transition would be pretty easy to do in tweenlite/max. The guy embeds the button into flash which is easy. But what if you had 5 buttons and suddenly your size is up to 3-5mb or so of the fla file. What is the best way to call these flv's without embeding them into the timeline ? Via videoloader? I've seen the tutorial on nettuts but seems pretty complicated. Any examples on how do to this as simple as possible and keep the loading as fast as possible.
  3. Hi all, Currently I am able to trace the name of my F4V cue points, However I cannot access the parameters and their values. Can anyone help? The flash cue points come from After effects where multiple parameters are being embedded such as position, rotation and opacity. Its been difficult to gain any insight from the documentation so if anyone can help I'd be grateful, Thanks. (p.s. AS3 beginner) videoOne.addEventListener(VideoLoader.VIDEO_CUE_POINT, cuePointHandler); function cuePointHandler(event:LoaderEvent):void { trace("FACE" + event.data.name); // works - this returns the time of the frame, great. trace("FACE" + event.data.info.parameters); // This and all my other attempts have failed miserably. // With normal flash MetaDataEvent this code would do the trick >> event.info.parameters; // How can this info be targetted with the Greensock VideoLoader?? }