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Found 5 results

  1. Hello. I have a problem and im not sure how to solve it (with the BlitMask technic). Currently Im trying to create a mask (which I can more around the stage) that shows only a fragment (lets say 50x50) of the main movie clip.The main MC (lets name it Rainbow) has elements that are moving in it (like i black ball that goes from 1 corner to the other corner and then repeats that infinitely ). So what it is supposed to be happening is this: There is the main MC which stays at stage.x and stage.y and then there is my little new element (lets name it frac ( from fraction )), which i can mo
  2. Hello GreenSock community! I have a question for you. I've been working on a image scroller of some images, and got this working how'd I'd like. However my client has now requested an infinite scrolling gallery. I've done some research and found a script that seems to have the potential to do what I want to do, however it would need some modifications to behave as the client has requested. So right now this script auto scrolls a row of images, adding the appropriate image on to the end of the row with each scroll. I'd like to modify this to have it not auto scroll, but be controlled by a left
  3. Hi there. Can someone demonstrate how I would pass a numerical value to positioning setting such as x or y that is set in a variable from an array using Tweenlite if possible? (tweenmax?) For example, the Flash tween version: var myNumber : Number = 0; var myArray : Array [30, 20, 10]; new Tween(instance_mc,"x",Regular.easeOut,instance_mc.x,myArray[myNumber],1,true); Thanks for any help!
  4. I received a 300x250 banner ad designed in Flash Cs6 from our digital agency. I need to create several other banner sizes (180x150, 728x90, 160x600) based on this design. They used TweenNano. My question is do I need to change the actionscript 3 code depending on the size of the file? This may seem like a silly question, but I haven't used Greensock before and have very little actionscript 3 knowledge. The script is included, do I need to upload the Flash file too? Thanks so much for any assistance! actionscript.txt
  5. Hi, everyone! I want to add functionality to my photo gallery app (Air mobile) - different types of animation of the thumbs of the photos. Now I did like the code below. This is the simplest move left-right and top-bottom. But I need more different patterns of animation y- the movement as a 3D carousel, spinning in a circle, orbiting, movement of the sun's rays and back, movement along the wave path etc. I would be very grateful if you have a ready-made pieces of code for these and similar animations with help TweenLite lib. [bindable] private var stageW:int = Capabilities.screen